Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Mathematics in the "real" world.

My travels (sadly?) had me encounter the following:

Question: What's the first thing that came to your mind when you saw the above picture? (Be honest now! No one is going to say anything rude to you here--after all this is meant be a "maths blog".)

The driver was not amused, but surely someone out there shares my excitement.... No? Ah well, there was no harm in trying. The weird thing is that I had actually been using Euclid's algorithm the day before...

PS: When I was a wee bit younger(!) we used to play this game on long car journeys with my Dad. We had to make a phrase with the last three letters of someone's number plate. The more funnier the phrase, the more "points" you got. You always looked to make it funny; and whilst my Dad thought us innocent kids were brushing up our English skills, we sometimes (amongst ourselves) bent the rules slightly! So one can imagine what ADH would have opened up to be... (actually my Biology class mates made an erm phrase out of that one... it really means Antidiuretic hormone in case you were wondering). Children will always be children... ;)

Today I have been in a discussion with numerous people about what it means to be "shy". When would one classify themselves to be shy? What would make you say "yes I'm shy" when asked. There is no real reason to these questions, but they started in a curious conversation which I have decided to expand. Are you shy? If so how did you define "shyness"?

Oh, and supposedly I'm not shy! (My friend was shocked that I dared ask such a question, but in my defence I claimed to be work-shy!) The dictionary is your friend if you are stuck as to the meaning of "shy".

Tea time now. (It seems that I blog more when I have exams!)


egm said...

Greatest Common Divisor is what I thought of first. How you been?

Beans said...


Hey egm, it has been a tough semester and I'm hoping that I can get through these exams in one piece. (It has been ages since we last spoke!)

I'm glad to see that you're still taking awesome pictures and making a living out of it too. I loved the sunset ones! (I took some pictures from a holiday I went too, and I might send you a link one day...)

How have you been? (Is it better in Kenya?) Doing much maths?