Sunday, May 04, 2008

It's official.

You read it here first: my revision officially starts today when I wake up in 7ish hours time!

I was only jesting when I said that I will start revising after my previous post... you didn't believe me now did you?!

A sense of doom hangs over my head though, for this year I haven't been doing the work as the weeks went by. I haven't completed any example sheets this semester, which isn't a very good thing. Past papers and solutions here I come! (That is my last resort unfortunately, but I have been considering such a move.)

Enough non-mathematical nonsense. Here's a maths question that you might want to do... AS level standard:

A circle C has equation: x^2 + y^2 -6x +8y- 75=0.

a) Write down the coordinates of the centre C, and calculate the radius C.

A second circle has centre at the point (15, 12) and radius 10.

b) Sketch both circles in a single diagram and find the coordinates of the point where they touch.


The who, what, where and when of this question will be shared after I wake up (hopefully) i.e. when I am not revising. (That made me laugh---revision, will I ever be doing that?!)

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