Monday, May 26, 2008

I is eating your cheeze burger!

The other day as I waited for the bus home (actually this was last Friday after the Algebra exam!) I saw a funny scene. I happened to have my camera on me but only managed to take two photos with it. (Namely because some not nice people came and occupied the bus stop causing me to move out.)

Anyway, I was hoping to post this in the style of them cat pictures you see online nowadays, however time is not something I have plenty off! So the lame title was supposed to be the caption.
Thankfully though my phone came to the rescue, as I continued to watch the scene:
Yep--that's six pigeons, and only one burger! (Weird things to tend to amuse me...) The pigeons were very nice though (or perhaps very hungry) for as I inched closer to them they didn't fly away. (The daming thing of the camera phone is that the zoom isn't as great as the cameras).

I didn't bluetooth that photo to everyone... honestly!

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