Friday, May 16, 2008

Hit and Run.

A cyclist was being cheeky today and tried to go through red lights. Actually I was blind and hadn't spotted the man, and in my hurry to cross the road all I remember hearing is the bike trying to come to a loud and quick stop. He didn't hit me in case you were wondering. But boy did he have to brake hard! (HA) I did my good deed of the day and informed him that it was a red light...

Well that's as far as I can go with making excuses for myself. Today I woke up at 2am, for revision of course because it was my first exam. I have been a very very bad student. I don't like it when people sometimes call me a "good student". That's the worlds biggest lie. I am no such thing. I am the worst of the worst possible student that can exist. Yes, I do admit to having an interest in learning, but when it comes to putting myself into the right gear I fail miserably.

The one thing that I used to do which you can say was "good" is that I tried to keep on top of the work during the year (did the problem sheets throughout the year as opposed to looking at them for the first time before the exam!) Hence revision was always revision--not learning the whole blimmin course in one day! That's the plain ugly truth. I'm a dead duck. Everyone "expects me to do well". I had such an expectation of myself too... once upon a time that is.

The exam was so and so. It should have been the exam that I did the best in, but sadly my master plan is not working. (I'm going to do very badly in geometry, algebra and logic you see, so the plan was to try and do the "bestest" in calculus"). Sigh. I'm not going to give the post mortem--I'm too tired. However I am not allowed to sleep. I had wanted to sleep at 3pm and then wake up at 11pm to "begin my Saturday" and revise Geometry. But alas, I have been warned to sleep at night and stay awake during the day. Of course that is the natural thing for one to do...

I have kicked myself three times in total due to the exam. It can be increased to four times, but my stupidity actually surprised me today! I didn't finish on time because I thought we were going to finish at "o'clock" so was faffing around taking my time. (We had started at 9:45pm and it was a two hour paper.) At 11:30 the woman (who was taking her job very seriously) announced that we had 15 minutes left! That's when I panicked slightly, but still my brain slept. Yes, on this occasion I hold my hand up and say that I should have woken up at 3pm instead of two. I am honestly like a zombie. An actual seven year old actually! (I was lying on the floor downstairs, not letting anyone get past me....) The advantages of sleeping on the floor, as were discussed today, is that I can park myself anywhere I like, and can fall asleep anywhere too.

I know you are probably thinking "floor--how can someone sleep on the floor?" But honestly, I was wondering how can people sleep on beds... yes, it is going to be a year since I threw my bed out!

So back to me being a bad student. (I can't apologise for the lack of any structure in this post, for the word structure itself is causing a pain in my temples.)

Do remember, children of all ages, you should learn from the bad examples in life. For example, if I was throw rubbish on the floor and get fined some money, you wouldn't copy me would you? In the same light, don't be like me and find yourself saying "next year it is going to be different--I am going to make sure that I study throughout the year". HA--how many times have we heard that before? This year has been very very very ... hectic, but I shouldn't have forgotten the reason as to why I am at university!! Yes--you would have probably forgotten had my blog not been titled "Me or My Maths".

Oh, and guess what this student is saying again. "I'm going to make sure that my summer holidays are productive." Another big sarcastic HA. (Yes, having had about three hours sleep, I have lost the very little maturity that I can claim to have ever had.)

The examiner is going to be very annoyed with my paper, namely because I wrote some silly teeny details out which were probably not needed. (And I need to stop writing sentences. Imagine reading something like one of posts when marking my exam paper... no seriously!)

Someone said to me three days ago, make sure you go to sleep on time otherwise you will become ill. Pfft, I had replied, sleep has nothing to do with it. The person went on to say "your mum is cool". That she is I agreed. Next thing you know, I have a smokers cough (i.e. I'm not feeling 100% well) and there is a misunderstanding between my mum and me, which results in NO lunch for me. I just hope that I don't lose my voice (it has been playing up today).

I wish I could stay away from that person but in Shrek style, "Like that's ever going to happen"! The alternative is to avoid talking about myself. Could this person jinx themselves?

Bring on Friday 23rd May 2008 4pm. No--my exams are not over then, but the horrible week (i.e. next week) will be over then. Why do I keep on getting Shrek quotes in my head? Maybe I should have slept when I came home, but there is no point now... or is there? So that's another whole day gone to waste for I can't revise given my heads current situation!

I better go and make a further nuisance of myself... what say you? Have I annoyed you enough... (unintentionally of course)! I want to do something extreme. The other day I had to climb over the wall to fetch the ball. Actually I volunteered myself, namely because I wanted to see how accidental I could make it look if I was to accidentally fall.. Relax! That was the lowest point of my week, when I was looking for ways out of sitting my exams. (I was being encouraged by a bad crowd-- it's not my fault!) Anyway, when I realised that I will have to sit the exams in the summer I changed my mind.

Why does it feel like the uncontrollable seven year old inside me is going to go on a rampage soon? I have become more controlled as I have aged (I will have you know!) In the good all days I would have said that I am having a good day today, but nowadays that seems a ridiculous thing to say. You don't want another mad person on the street right?

Enough is enough. If I smoked I would have said I am going for a smoke (well going with my horrible cough...) However I am a tea drinker(!) so I am going to have a cup of tea. (You can join me if you want...)

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