Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Guidance on the use of blogs and wikis

As found on the University's website:

The use of interactive and multi-authored webpages which characterises blogs, wikis and social networking sites is increasingly popular. While the University does not wish to bar access to and use of such sites, you [1] must first consult with your supervisor, mentor or line manager in order to discuss the possible implications of participation in these sites. In particular you should note that by publishing preliminary results, data and ideas in this way:

  1. You may be putting the independence and originality of your work at risk, and there may be adverse effects when the work is submitted for examination and/or publication.
  2. You risk losing the ownership of your work with unforeseen consequences for the intellectual property rights relating to results or products deriving from this work.

Graduate Education Team

Research Office

January 2008

[1] The use of the term 'you' refers to postgraduate researchers and research staff

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