Tuesday, May 06, 2008

The Expanding Unicurse

Something which I found in the margin of a text book (whilst I was trying to do some revision.) Graphs can be quite cool at times, especially with light entertainment like this on the side... (I found it cool, having just concluded that a connected graph is Eulerian (how do you pronounce this?) if and only if each vertex has even degree.)

Some citizens of Königsberg
Were walking on the strand
Beside the river Pregel
With its seven bridges spanned.

"O Euler, come and walk with us,"
Those burghers did beseech.
'We'll roam the seven bridges o'er,
And pass but once by each."
"It can't be done," thus Euler cried.
Here comes the Q. E. D.

Your island are but vertices
And four have odd degree."

From Königsberg to Konig's book
So runs the graphic tale
And still it grows more colorful
In Michigan, and Yale.

The Expanding Unicurse, Blanche Descartes

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