Saturday, May 17, 2008

A Dangerous Game.

The Geometry exam will have four questions; each on the four sections of the course. The exam format is as follows: Answer three questions, and if you attempt all four, your best three will be chosen.

What game have I elected to play? I'm only going to revise three sections of the course material of course! I honestly haven't got the time to revise all four sections for Tuesday (I have an exam on Monday you see). I am still slowly going through the second section, which I have to complete today. (Integration of differential forms here I come!)

My revision is slow because section 2 was the time when I "zoned out" a lot, namely because I got confused from the first lecture and didn't bother trying to make sense of things. The chapter is on differential forms and I had already come across such things in calculus. However in calculus we were just given a form alpha and told "this is a k-form" etc. (I would write the form but I do not have the time). Whereas in geometry all of a sudden the words tangent vectors, real valued function, tangent space etc came up and left me to wait for the next bus. (The next bus only came today I must say!!)

Yes, I think I finally understand the first lecture on section two now. I didn't dwell too long on the notation in the previous post and won't be returning to it. When I get to two forms I will be in familiar ground, and then integration is nice once we have closed forms. (Yes, I'm afraid there's a lot of unexplained mathematical jargon in this post, which I don't like doing but "one day it might be explained"!)

The point is though, that today I should finish section two (hopefully!) and then tomorrow I will I finish learning the course material for discrete maths (planar graphs, graph colouring and whatever else there is!) So on Monday morning at 3am I will I do the problem sheets (for the first time this year) for Discrete maths. The exam should finish by lunch time, after which I will come home and revise (understand) the whole of section 3 for geometry. Then on Tuesday 3am do the problem sheets for geometry (some for the first time on this occasion!) The exam will finish by lunch time again, after which I will SLEEP!

Hmm, on paper that looks impossible to me (given the amount of learning that I have to do in such a short period) but out with that negative thinking!

The plan of revising the first three sections only, no longer seems as dangerous a thing as I had first predicted. Namely, because the horrible paragraph mentioning my "proposed plan" sounds horrific in comparison.


Steph said...

The game you are playing is one that my friends and I know very well. Selective revision is sometimes necessary!

Beans said...

Hi Steph,

My friend recommended this game to me as well! (Bella mentioned that she wasn't going to revise section four and I thought "genius".)

That's where I have always failed, i.e. by always thinking that "I can't not revise such a such topic in case it comes in the exam".

Well we shall see how things turn out to be!