Monday, May 12, 2008

Another Vote!

Calling all blog readers (once again!) Please can I draw your attention to my post in August sometime, where I asked readers to vote on which logo and combination they liked. Your votes determined The Galois Groups' official logo and name (see you guys have played a massive part in the existence of TGG already).

Now is your chance to help me to come to another decision, but on this occasion I can't make any promises regarding the outcome. Prof. S gave me a marvellous idea some time ago, that we should present those people who give a Galois Group lecture something or other as a token of our appreciation (...a nice gesture). I liked this idea straight away and the natural question that arose was "what to give"? Upon discussion with Dr. Coleman, we came up with presenting "personalised" mugs to the speakers with the text "I lectured for The Galois Group" on them. (I say "we" but I think this was actually Dr. C's suggestion). Once again I thought this to be a fantastic idea and then we went to the next obvious question: the cost.

This is where things get complicated. Now I reckon that the School will pay half of the amount required (eg £50) so we decided to ask the IMA for the other half, by saying we'll put their logo on the mugs. I asked and was told that once we give them a figure they will be in touch (for they have already granted the Manchester "Mathsoc" the £600 grant they give). However, now I have changed my mind and I don't want the other money from the IMA. I don't think it feels right to put their logo on the mugs, and this is where you come into the picture! (You see I had declined the offer from the IMA for money to fund The Galois Groups' activities, and it doesn't feel right to go back on what I said.) Even if the other £50.00 comes from my pocket I don't care. I haven't exactly bought that many books this semester so it will be put to good use! (We have to order in bulk you see.)

So the first question: what logo is more appropriate for the mugs, ours or the IMA's? For your attention I have attached two images of the respective logos, and a third of the opposite side with the text (please ignore the white background on the images):

So should we have our logo or the IMA's? Also what blimmin' font should we use? (As an aside of course!) I am thinking Comic Sans or Arial .... Actually another thought just occured to me: what about the university logo?

(Either of the two...)

Any votes or comments will be greatly appreciated (apart from those which mention revision and what the heck are you playing at beans!) Rest assured that if you have given a lecture for us, you will be getting one of these as soon as they are made. I probably am making this into too big a deal, but I would prefer to hear a range of opinions you see. (Call this a group discussion.)

Today's marvellous adventures will be broadcast tomorrow hopefully, but in the mean time use your chance and VOTE! It's free and if we ever sell these mugs (or variations) I'll give you a discount code if you want to make a purchase.*

*This expires once you have voted... come now, we have to take things one step at a time and not get ahead of ourselves!

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