Thursday, April 24, 2008

Mr Wolf.

Today I nearly exploded. I am going to explode soon—I can feel it in the air. Small, but explosive (!) explosions have been happening throughout the day, and I am sure that a big one is just around the corner.

It actually depends on what time of the day you have seen me, that you will understand. There is a Galois Group lecture in week 12—the last week of term—and all I have been hearing from student is: “Week 12, but we’ve got exams and revision and blah and blah and blah…” For a second I thought—wait a second, you haven’t been to any of the lectures all year, and now you’re complaining like you actually was going to attend the last one?! Madness I tell you. If you can’t attend—don’t. I really am annoyed at this attitude, and for a second I nearly said I don’t care if nobody attends!

I wouldn’t want that happening… but seriously people, stop saying that The Galois Group is a good thing, “I’ll hopefully attend” and then don’t bother turning up. If you find it that fantastic, try to make MORE of an effort to attend one of the lectures that students and staff members might be giving. I am sick to my neck of some students moaning about week 12 when they’re not going to attend at all.

Yes, I understand that it’s the end of the term and exams are looming, as is revision. However, why do you then go on to say, “But you’re going to be alright in the exams! We have to revise!” No I am blimmin not got to be OK in the exams. I am scared like crazy about the exams because I only know the absolute minimum and haven’t even started revision yet. Don’t make silly assumptions as an excuse. One hour on a Wednesday afternoon isn’t going to mean you’re going to fail. If you gave me any other reason I wouldn’t care as much. GAH.

Wow—I am really fuming at the moment. The frown on my face is unforgiving.

To cool down slightly I had proceeded to take the posters down, and let some steam out during a conversation with two people. This actually helped a lot and I had nice happy lunch. After lunch it was the discrete maths lecture, which I am beginning to enjoy now. Yes—it was a cool lecture BUT for the three students behind me who would not shut up. I was actually surprised when I turned around to see who it was. Last semester PS had thrown some students out. If I recall correctly, after the lecture they had approached PS and complained about this act “we pay fees blah blah blah”.

Today I realised that they had no right to complain that day and should actually stay out side lecture theatres. They talk in the calculus lectures too—the same three people. They were directly behind me so it was damn hard for me to try to ignore them.

Now I am sat in the computer room, having typed up some work. I am going to head off soon, but I don’t really want to go anywhere. Yesterday, I had a nice conversation with one of the speakers of yesterdays student lectures (more later). Shockingly I felt comfortable explaining my plight to him, and he seems to be on PS’s side of the field. Sigh. My head is going to explode. I am thinking of not getting a student loan next year, and might have to work during the summer, which is another blimmin’ burden. I feel like Mr Wymi!

Before I zip it, I have to say something which might cause people to run after me with some abusive words. People, who give “disproving” looks to someone who has just opened their mouth in conversation, are EVIL. They really irk me. I realised this today, since obviously everything seems to be irking me today. I mean, you meet someone for the first time and sometimes before you’ve had a chance to open your mouth you get “the look.

I’m surprised I tell you, that I haven’t sworn yet. Very surprised indeed, but I take it as a good thing… The frown has slowly decreased, but wait, I have yet to walk home! I learnt a valuable lesson about myself yesterday, which might help me to remain calm on TGG Wednesdays. I saw myself from another angle, and realised that I have a tendency to do something (not exactly bad) which I shouldn’t. Ah well, more on that when I hopefully talk about yesterdays lecture. (A big thank you to everyone who attended. Seriously, thank you.)

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