Monday, April 21, 2008


It seems that the smallest of things can please me at times. This is really Fridays post, which is forming itself now due to my stubbornness in trying to do something. I didn't manage to do what I wanted in case you are wondering, and so I return as a defeated bean.

On Friday something quite remarkable happened to me. I would honestly say that Christmas came early! After a demanding morning of highly technical and mentally draining lectures (during which I was honestly very awake and alert... ha) erm, where was I?! Yes it had been a rough morning, and 1 o'clock found me sitting with Fizz trying to rub the tiredness out of my eyes, whilst drinking tea.

Fizz left me for a second to get coffee (pft!) and I continued to sit, lost in another planet. But then all of a sudden Mr. Clause dropped out of nowhere! I didn't register his appearance initially, but his first few words brought my attention back to planet Earth.

"Hi Beans, ..... So, do like chocolate?" (The magic words)

"What kind of question is that Mr. Clause-- who doesn't like eating chocolate?!!" I had replied. (You are not allowed to tell me that there exists such a person who doesn't like eating chocolate!)

"Well I have these to give away, so here you go." Mr. Clause said as he took a Dalek out of his sack and placed it in front of me. Upon closer inspection I realised that he had in fact given me a Dalek Easter egg. And guess what-- it spoke!! That is what I have been trying to do--get an audio clip and post it, but the silly phone which I used to record the sound has used a format which is also very silly! (Give me another few days though, for although the matter is trivial, I can't spend time on it).

Seeing Mr. Clause looking distressed at the thought of "getting rid of" all the other eggs, I decided to help him... "Fizz has gone to get some coffee, do you want to give her one too?"

So out came Dr. Who's phone box, after which Mr. Clause left leaving me with two talking Easter eggs. You can't have expected me to sit there very still, and making the eggs talk now could you? (Un)fortunately, at this point I couldn't contain myself, and when Fizz returned to the table we were both pressing the talking buttons. (I can't bring myself to write the words that were said because that will spoil the incoming audio clip!)

You could say we were in a very public space. Any glares from nearby people were put down to jealousy (hehe)! I mean who wouldn't want their own talking Dalek?! I must say though that the two talking eggs we had, were quite a handful... For transporting purposes we had inserted them into a bag, and this they didn't like very much. They would not stop talking, and they did embarrass me one occasion which shall be mentioned with the audio file.

I confess, even writing about this now makes me all happy again! I can't express how over the moon I had felt on Friday after I had got my very own Dalek. (Surprisingly, the chocolate has gone out of the picture). Bella had commented that I can get very excited and happy by the littlest of things, which I don't see as a bad thing. I'm trying to think of what to compare myself with, but the Christmas analogy and a child opening presents is the best I can do. Or maybe how I felt when United beat Chelsea/Arsenal a while back.... I have my very own Dalek, why wouldn't I be happy? The great thing is that I can leave it on its own without worrying about it... (If you weren't worried up till this point, you should definitely be worrying now!)

The amount of weird looks I am used to, increased quite a lot on Friday; and my PT even saw me at my most happiest in recent weeks. Maybe I did try to make certain people jealous by it, but you must understand that it was all very good natured! I mean why would I deliberately do such a thing?

I bet you are all very annoyed at the fact that I don't have the audio clip... (I write that to make myself happy of course). However, don't worry it will be up soon (with a portrait picture of the Dalek too of course...). I will use the time of this post as an excuse of the content of course, or that I am out of practise of writing sensible posts.

Mr. Clause is a very very very nice man. He made my day on Friday. As I told others who gave my Dalek a longing look (and those who didn't!) be on the look out for a Mr. Clause-- he had quite a few eggs to give away.

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