Friday, April 11, 2008

The end of the \sout{world} storm?

I thought it was best to put an end to the chapter of "this week", hence why rather than dissolving into my bed (as I have been thinking about all day) I am writing.

Today was the longest day of the year--it is official.

3:00am: I have a system of reminders on my phone which I have programmed to go off every 30 minutes. Having gone to sleep at 9:30pm the previous night, it had been my intention to wake up at 1:30am and revise for metric spaces. I didn't manage that, and I can't recall waking up at 1:30am when the reminders were meant to start! Eventually I found myself in front of my books, having had some tea and weetabix.

Revision was the plan. How successful it ended up being, I would rather not say! I struggled through the first five lectures, had a long break, made some more tea, struggled some more and then fell asleep! That was definitely not part of the plan. I was just meant to rest my eyes but it was 7:30am when I woke up, so my eyes had a pretty long rest then. I hadn't managed to revise everything, and decided not to bother with the last section. Oops. I also didn't attempt the problem sheets and looked at some solutions 30 minutes before the test (and I am ashamed to admit that I have only done the first problem sheet since the start of term).

Sod's law dictates that the section I didn't revise came up in the test (DAMN) and that the questions whose solutions I didn't try to "cheekily memorise" came up too. Despair surrounded me as I flipped through the test paper, thinking if only I hadn't "rested my eyes" and if only I had erm... attempted the other questions on the problem sheets! (I didn't really mean memorise... come on now, how is that possible?!)

11:15am: The Tweenies and myself all set up shop on one of the cafe tables. We joined two table up (a square one and a rectangle) and went about our mission. Me being the unlucky person I am, had two missions-- discrete coursework and the geometry one too. One due at 5pm and the other at 7pm. It is enough to say that I underestimated both coursework, or was I expecting oo much of myself to finish them by the required times?

I had most of the geometry questions apart from Q5b (due to my brain completely shutting down when I tried it, so I just followed the hint) and question 3. The problem I had was that my answers weren't what you would hand in, so when I was copying them onto the handout, it took forever to do so. (Everything had been all over the place and no proper sentences).

12pm: I actually INTENTIONALLY missed the logic lecture today--I had no choice. Had I attended it, my brain would have taken nothing in and I would not have got very far with the coursework. Milo was the only lucky person who doesn't do Geometry, so sat bored whilst we had marshalled ahead. 12 became 1pm and slowly a panic was building inside me, and the scary feeling of "not caring". I wanted to sleep. My head felt heavy and my brain --out of order. I did waste quite some time faffing about and losing another few screws, but thankfully I somehow recovered. (I can't quite recall what caused me to get a move on).

Don't worry I am not going to carry on with this time business. I am falling asleep (if I'm being honest) and want to quickly finish this post...

I missed the algebra lecture deliberately too. I had no choice. It did feel slightly weird and I have a nagging sensation that something very important was missed in both lectures... Come 4pm Bella and Arthur handed their coursework and left. Fizz and myself now remained. My Geometry coursework had been abandoned for a while, as I realised that discrete was in for 5pm. I had been sat at that table, not always writing of course for five-ish hours, surviving on chewing gum. (My theory is that when hungry and you can't eat, chew gum. I can't normally chew gum, but desperate times call for .... My throat feels funny now, but the chewing gum did its job--I'm still not hungry!)

The discrete coursework (written by hand--damn) was given in at 5:30pm (whoops). Thankfully the lecturer had still been around. None of the coursework that I have handed in have been to a standard with which I have been "pleased". The discrete one I didn't bother checking through, so I have no idea what my answers were. But the words "I don't care what the answers are" are floating around.

OK to cut a long story short (haha), I was sat on my own, at our very nice table (now consisting of a circle and square since the cleaners changed them) doing the coursework in the maths building. On my lonesome. It was 7:23pm when I dashed to the lecturers office with my coursework, a once neat document, not filled with my large and rough scribbles. My back was in a bad condition too (well I had been sat, hunched over the table for about 8 hours!)

Going to stop now for I have a driving lesson (stupidly in the morning) and I desperately need sleep. I am an idiot, that I won't deny. This week has been a heck of a ride and thankfully I no longer have to wake up at 4 flippin am to do coursework or revise (well not for 4 weeks yet). Actually wait, we've got our second algebra coursework--more joy.

Ahh to be a student. It was actually quite cool being on my own in the maths building at 7:30pm, talking to myself of course. Lots of things kept me sane and going this week--those and them I thank profusely, but I won't name and shame anyone. I'm just going to pass on the "skittle feeling". (Don't ask!)

Don't tell me you didn't miss my long posts now!

PS: "I'm still alive doo daa doo daay"


Beans said...

Meh--tis not that long after all. That's because I'm falling asleep...

Steph said...

Congratulations on getting it all in!

Beans said...

Thanks Steph! I do feel a certain degree lighter, which I will allow myself to feel for the weekend at least. Then it's back to crunch time.