Saturday, April 26, 2008

The Duckworth-Lewis Method

Something for the cricket fans, shamelessly copy pasted!

The Duckworth-Lewis Method:

Eleven Years On

Frank Duckworth

Consultant Statistician, Gloucestershire

The talk will describe why and how the Duckworth-Lewis method for resetting targets in rain-interrupted one-day cricket matches came about and the way the mathematics of the method has since been upgraded to take advantage of the increasing availability of computers in scorers' boxes. The experience from over 800 applications world-wide will be reviewed.

Tuesday 13th May 2008

6pm Refreshments

6.15pm Annual General Meeting

6.30-7.30pm Lecture

John Dalton Building, Manchester Metropolitan University

Oxford Road, Manchester

Contact: Amanda Padbury, Tel: 07899 960 309


PS: If anyone can help me write a letter using LaTeX, then now is your chance to say something... hehe.

Actually the problem is as follows (in case you are shy to ask what problem I'm having!)

The code I have used is:

\address{Something Road \\ England \\ M12 2PL}

\opening{Dear Mr. Wolf}


\closing{Yours sincerely}

The problem I face is that the "Yours sincerely" part is centred and I want it towards the left--can I do this?

Also, I don't want to write the senders address, but if I don't put anything down then my own address won't get printed! Help!

(I tried googling templates for letters, but alas I didn't come up with anything better).

Cheers for any help.


steve said...

PS: If anyone can help me write a letter using LaTeX

Answered at AoPS as I saw it there first :)

Beans said...

Hi Steve,

Thanks a lot--your suggestions have worked a treat. (You could say that the question was exclusively for you!) I had actually gone to that tex site and tried using what was suggested, but they were too complicated.

Here is Steve's reply if anyone else is interested:

1. Don't bother with \closing just type Yours sincerely. Similarly you don't have to use \signature if you don't want to.
2. Instead of \begin{letter}{md} use \begin{letter}{}

Incidentally, the author of the TeX FAQ Letters and the like also has had problems with the letter class so you are in good company. However it's worth sticking with for a normal bog-standard letter.

Anonymous said...

you may get more inputs on

Beans said...

Thanks for the link, but it doesn't really go into the mathematics of the method.