Thursday, March 13, 2008

Please Sir, can I have some more?

I am not Oliver Twist, but the greedy child sat wanting to add more to their plate. I have added another helping onto my plane today, and my stomach cries out in protest.

As you might have gathered from the previous post, I was awake at 1:30am which isn't good news when you have a 9am start! Nevertheless, for a change I actually managed to wake up on time. I even got to university slightly early, although it seemed Rob wasn't around so no tea for me. The walk to the maths building had been slow, and the winds were warning me of what was to come.

A lot came too.

10am- supervision
1pm-rush down Oxford road to meet a friend
3pm-rush back to the maths building for lecture
4pm- annoy Dr. C with TGG stuff (receipts etc.) although I am ashamed to say that I haven't been very good at annoying people lately! (Namely because I haven't been fully awake so can't respond "sharply". Usually it is me who has an answer to everything, but that changed--only for this week though. Actually to make myself feel better for not being on form, I did say I was going to be nice to Dr. C for helping me to edit the form I filled in!)
5-7pm--silly training session
8-10pm--had to go to someone's house (grudgingly might I add)

It must say something, if rather than writing an insane amount of words for the above, I summarised in a table. I haven't had a chance to breathe today. I have had a goodish day, but due to my bruised body I can't say that enthusiastically.

To the good points: I really enjoyed today's calculus lecture. Seriously, I had another "wow" moment! That's two in two days--something is definitely not right here. It was due to this integral we solved using differential forms (etc) and I found how everything came together, rather cool. (Although I did make a few errors in my thoughts, in the end it was OK). The sign of a good lecture: you don't keep tabs on the time throughout the lecture!

Then it was geometry. The lecture was once again intense, but it followed from certain things we're doing in calculus so I managed. However, I was fuming during this lecture. My jaw was contorted in a slow rage, and my eyes burned. Two very nice people in our lecture theatre, happened to be sitting upon two very squeaky chairs. We heard the squeak once and looked back, dismissing it. But then, again and again the squeaking happened followed by giggling! I didn't look back for I didn't trust my face to remain neutral. Instead, it was Fizz who noticed my agitated behaviour, and urge to do something!

Honestly speaking, having had three gruelling hours in a row, any little thing can break your concentration. Anything can cause you to zone the lecturer out, and this time it happened to be my building annoyance. If the squeaking wasn't bad enough, the giggling was blimmin' inconsiderate. Sigh. They went quiet for a bit and then started again, so I did get most of the lecture. It just wasn't a very pleasant lecture on this occasion.

Another doomsday dilemma: we have been given a million coursework to do in a week. How many have I started--none of course! By the way, did you know that it is incorrect to write "courseworks"--it's like writing sheeps.

Oh and for the record: I have returned Dr. E's book. Damn! (Well I thought it was best to let him have it for a few weeks, so he starts to think that the book is his again. At that point I will just borrow it again... muhahaha... don't tell him though!)

For once I can't write anything else. Why did I have to be so greedy and ask for thirds? Oh, it has been decided, I am going to be a teacher. How very exciting.

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