Thursday, March 06, 2008

The lecturer is not speaking English!

He's talking Maths!! That was the conclusion that I came to in most of my lectures today. A language which I was not understanding at all (unfortunately). It felt like my eyes were watching the lecturer's mouths move in slow motion, trying to slow things down. Unsuccessfully might I add, so as I watched things through slow motion, my hand just copied down what was on the board. Very slowly and fragmented, but alas I couldn't do anything to stop this today.

I have a training session in a few minutes. My phone is buzzing for an angry Bella is wanting to know where I am. I am ignoring it but don't tell her!! I went home toady at 1pm and returned for my 3pm lecture. I didn't want too. Pizza and the sofa were very hard to resist, and then sleep too! Sigh. That explains my exhaustion. Whoops there goes my phone again. Let us hope that this training session is in English!


ANNA-LYS said...

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Jake said...

I know what you mean. The pace in geometry today was INTENSE... even compared to normal. Keeps it interesting though, even if I didn't fully keep up quite at the end.

Beans said...

Hi Jake,

Yes--it was definitely intense! I don't think you were there last Thursday, but the blackboard had been horrible and it was impossible for us to see anything (even with the lights on). This had created many problems, until the solution presented itself, so I think we were making up for lost time today!

I have become slightly confused with these differential forms too, which didn't help matters. I really like it when we're told of other things relating to the maths we're taught--things I would never have actually thought about.

Anonymous said...

When my math professor walked into class last semester he stated that he spoke three languages; Mandarin Chinese, Russian and finally English. He then stated that if you have a problem understanding him you should look for another class.

I passed the class with an A. The key, I think, was sitting in the front of the class and having him write on the board as much as possible while explaining.

This may or may not help you in the future; just reminded me of that...

Beans said...

Hi anonymous,

I understand what you mean, hence why I do try to sit at the front whenever possible. I find that you are able to refocus more quickly, if sat at the front. (And hopefully at the front less people are likely to talk during lectures).

(The lecturer speaks cool English, it's just that I wasn't understanding the maths yesterday. :o )

jd2718 said...

I sat through a geometry class and did well by taking the front seat close to the side of the board the professor favored. He was brilliant, but was not a teacher, and his English was not easy. Good notes, and questions during the break (not after class, he liked leaving quick).

I think three of us learned a ton. The rest knew he was an easy grader and didn't care. Shame, the content was incredibly rich.