Tuesday, March 04, 2008

A false quote

It seems that the Einstein quote I posted the other day, was not the one told to me last year. So once again I have egg on my face, although this time since there was no one to "impress", it doesn't feel too bad. The point though is that I am still hunting down that quote, but I'm no longer sure if it's an Einstein quote!

Today was a weird day--my snooze button didn't work and I ended up oversleeping! (Hence I was very much like a zombie, walking about with no breakfast and no brains.) In my defence--wait, I can't think of anything. It was one of them mornings when you can't find anything at all. My shoes went for a walkabout; the brain was still sleeping and everything was not in its place. On top of that I was home alone and didn't have anyone to vent my frustration on. (Never mind though, that's where the invention of phones comes in and my heated debate with my mother asking her where she put my things. A very heated conversation, for I knew the muddle was my own fault and the reason why I was behaving like a headless chicken!) May I remind you that I am still seven years old! (Well 1.5 mathematically but that's another story).

Don't worry your "ickle" hearts though for lunch, tea and a poster sticking session woke me up. In my heart I have a fear that tomorrow my posters will not be up. Although George is aware of the issue, it seems that the cleaners who work in the mornings take the posters off, rather than the 5pm ones. I don't know if George spoke to them though. I stuck all 27 (or so) up (although George told me not to go mad!) After my revival I was back in full force--bugging certain people... not intentionally of course. (What gave you that idea?)

Well I bugged Dr. E, Dr. C and Dr. P. Coincidentally they all happen to live nearby, so that made my life easier! I feel foolish that I didn't \sout{blackmail} annoy Dr. C before returning his book. (Which I did for that matter, although I need to check something in it tomorrow). Trust Dr. C to tell Dr. E that I actually returned his book, whilst Dr. E is still waiting (patiently I hope)! On Dr. E's blackboard there is a list of students who he has lent books to, and I am glad that my name isn't the only one there. Do you think he'll remember lending me the book if suddenly my name vanishes from his board? *cue evil laugh* Nevertheless, I reassured him that his book was in one piece and I could show him a picture of it if he insisted. (He somehow found this amusing--beats me!)

There is a reason why I am bugging these three people and that is TGG (The Galois Group). The forum is no longer in my hands. The powers that be have approved, and I find it a "sad thing" that the thing which I suspected to be the easiest to operate has taken this long. This is my fault though--I wasn't as persistence (or bug like) as I should have been. See, now you know why I don't stop annoying (well that's what they all say) people about things that I need doing. It's the only way for everyone has a lot of things on their plate, and forget about minor things. No longer do I feel guilty, and I take it upon myself to "bug" whenever possible. (I honestly don't secretly enjoy this.... seriously!)

Well Dr. C said that I have not pestered him enough for the poster to be stuck up, so call that an invitation to be pestered! (I'm working on this and I childishly, yes very childishly played "knock a door run" when my pestering became too much and Dr. C had to close his door. But mind you only once, and he knew it was me so he didn't react! There's always tomorrow right?) Before you shake your head in disbelief, read the first line of this paragraph again! Would you ever say such a thing to me? I am still on the lookout to level the score, which is going to be difficult since I'm two down now.

The point I haven't been mentioning is the actual reason for my bugging Dr. C and Dr. E: that of the final phase of TGG. I'm being very discrete about this for nothing has been confirmed yet. Tomorrow hopefully, I should be discussing what the plan is going to be with Dr. C and then I'll let you guys in on the secret. (Well in a cryptic manner, but I'm sure you are all on the ball and will figure it out). It all depends on what is decided tomorrow. I don't know what I want the conclusion to be, for my very heart is having its own internal battle. My stubborn self is on the hunt for blood though, and I fear that I am not in control of what I want to do any more.

Nevertheless, a potentially exciting time might be around the corner.

I made a new friend today--Data. Ha, actually I wondered today why Data wasn't teaching this semester and sulked for a few seconds. Honestly, Data is a brilliant teacher and the structure of his teaching is what's missing in quite a few of my notes. Not that "not having" structure is always a bad thing, but if I was to read my notes a few weeks later, I would be more happy if they made sense. Date wrote one thing, then I came away and scribbled many things, and finally I smiled; adding another question to my list at the same time. Sigh. (Data is a bad data though).

It's not often that you are lucky enough to have brilliant teachers who motivate you. A third year student who I know, seemed shocked as I explained my dependence on lecturers in connection to my understanding of the course. I know--they all say the same thing. I need to grow out of this.

I was asked about how I manage to write long post. One reason is that I type pretty fast (this comes with practise). Another reason that I have many long posts is that when I am typing one thing, something else pops into my head. I then start typing about that and so the cycle continues. I don't think you will find one "disciplined" post in my blog, but then again it has been a while since I have written a long one. (Today I had actually wanted to go to sleep early and write a short post!) I don't really blog with an agenda, but I have been trying to behave....

Anyway... ha, I heard that word a lot today. It meant that I should get going, but as always my reply is "one second, just one more second" which obviously becomes two seconds and so on. So "anyway", I couldn't find the quote I wanted to, but on a scrap piece of paper I found three other quotes which are below:

"Great spirits have often encountered violent opposition from weak minds." (Einstein)

"In many a philosophers mind, the human ability for mathematics derives from our competence for language." (Unknown, and I guess it's a damn from me!)

Paradox: Though much of a mathematicians work is solitary, even lonely, the most important aspect of your research is not the field you choose or the problems you embark on but how you deal with the people around you. (Once again unknown).

And that's good night from me and here's hoping I survive a very busy week. (5-7pm commitment on Tue-Thurs, due to this scheme which is very damning at the moment!)

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