Friday, March 07, 2008

Brainless me

Scene 1:

Me: Phew- I'm glad to see that you haven't closed yet, I was worried for a second! *jumping for joy*
Rob: *confused look* No, we're still open.
Me: Cup of tea please.

As I waited, my eyes were enlightened as to what time it was: 3-05pm, not 4pm as I had assumed it to be. Grinning sheepishly, I explained my relief to Rob and how I had got confused. In the next second a class mate of mine joined me in the queue.

Classmate: It's my free cup today.
Me: I had my free one yesterday. *handing my stamp card to Rob*

Picking my tea up I headed towards the milk and sugar, only to be stopped in my tracks:

Rob: That's 75p please!

Crikey--don't ask what was wrong with me today! First I thought it was 4pm, and then I thought it was my free cup and wasn't going to pay.

And yes, that's a typical conversation between us maths students ie. about tea! (Not coffee... eurgh).

To be continued... (well you can't believe that this was the only brainless thing I have done today. I just thought that I'll give you a preview before getting into a depressing post about today's discoveries, pains and more brainlessness of course).

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