Monday, March 10, 2008

"It's me!" and blue Pringle's

Firstly let me redirect you to the post about Professor Borovik's lecture: Navigation on the Riemann Sphere, this Wednesday at 1:10pm in Alan Turing G205.


*knock knock*
"Come in", came the faint reply. Opening the door I announced,
"Hi, it's me. Yes, it's me."

The only reason I post about this is because I did the same thing twice, on two separate occasions. (Thankfully I survived both incidents unscathed!)

Sainsbury's has become my second home recently, namely due to it being on the route when I walk to the maths building, or home. Maybe I should wake up earlier and make my own sandwiches, but Sainsbury is a footstep away and they have a nice variety...

The point though is that today I went to a different bigger Sainsbury, to buy the refreshments for Wednesdays lecture. I won't get the chance to do so tomorrow due to having a busy day including a driving lesson after two point five weeks (and already I am having a bad feeling about it.) My instructor is going to KILL me I tell you. I had my fingers crossed when I said I'll read the theory books, but that's between us. I don't care about the theory, but I do understand it's importance.

So in Sainsbury I was slightly lost. They only had green and red Pringle's--not the ones I was after. I happened to catch someone and enquired: "Do you have any blue Pringle's, because you only have the red and green ones on them shelves." I don't think I deserved the weird look I got, but I did recover to mutter, "It's Monday morning, so do you have any salt and vinegar Pringle's?" Suffice to say that the look didn't disappear, but thankfully the woman understood as my heavy bag had caused my shoulders to slump, and my appearance to be woeful! Smiling she directed me to the crisps section, where you could find a colourful range of Pringle's. (I don't want to hear anything!)

I love sneezing by the way. I don't know why, but maybe it's because I hate coughing so much that sneezing sounds fantastic. I had two coughing fits today, and you know what, holding your breath and trying NOT to cough actually makes matters worse. It's so irritating, whereas sneezing even sounds nicer. (Although I like sneezing, I hate going "ah ah ah damn its gone.")

So why this very disjoint post? What can I say, I'm a disjoint bean! Ach, sorry for stating the obvious there, but this week is going to be very hectic. Unbelievably hectic and draining. Already I am behind schedule, but the emails will be sent out tomorrow instead. It's not that I am badly tired. It is a mixture of being under the weather, weariness and borderline exhaustion. Not bad eh? Don't ask about the maths by the way, for I have been wondering what the heck it is myself! I think I have pushed myself beyond all limits and need to return to safe grounds very soon. Already my mind is on the summer holidays and about what I will be doing then. (Maths of course before you ask. ;) Well trying to anyway.)

Next year I am not going to be a PASS leader, which I decided today. I enjoy it and won't mind confusing students further, but I am trying to reduce my responsibilities for my final year, for it is very important. If I sit still for more than five minutes I worry that I should be doing something which I'm not.

A PA would be very nice, and someone who could be me for a day. Any volunteers?

A final serious question: what is understood by end of the following sentence "...we could ensure that the student’s interest in mathematics was positively buffered and so to their university experience."

In particular what does "buffered" mean. I very much like that word, well the Chemist inside me does, but Dr. C doesn't. I filled this form in, which Dr. C kindly proof read for me, and it made me wonder what else to write instead, and what's so bad about buffered? (Remind me to be nice to Dr. C for a day (at most!) for he did a very neat job).

That was an aside because I have been looking for a substitution as opposed to a rearrangement of the sentence. Anyway (yes it's one of them "anyway" which I am an expert at brushing aside, but which you might be relieved to read!) I think that is enough for a post. Never in my life have I appreciated my mother, more than I have done this week. There I did it again--brushed it aside. Damn. I think I should talk less to myself as I walk towards the AT building. I have tried humming, but come now, people shouldn't be so nosey when one is talking to oneself! (Maybe I should try to keep my hands and neck still during this conversation.... I just can't help it though). This post was just to narrate to you that there is no definition for craziness. I'll shut up if you promise to attend on Wednesday (whilst showing me some uncrossed hands that is.) That's the spirit now!

So much to do, so little time.

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