Saturday, March 15, 2008

Blog Out of Order

I went to sleep after 3:30am and then woke up again at 6:30am. Those who received my emails at them times will be able to confirm my weird sleeping pattern. I actually fell asleep at the computer at 3:30ish, and thankfully due to the cold temperature woke up soon after (PHEW).

I am not all packed yet and there is so much that needs doing as well (by 12pm too!) How I will survive without the internet for two weeks, I don't know (no laughing please!) "You can relax a little now", Dr. C said. Pfft. Like that's ever going to happen. There is so much that I need to do you see, in terms of The Galois Group mainly, but maybe the break will be good?

So this post is just to inform you that I will not be posting for two weeks. You can write abusive comments, (if that gives you a kick!) but comment moderation is on so HA! However, do feel free to leave me nice comments in the lucky instance I come across an internet cafe. I'm sure there won't be an empty hole left in your daily internet travels, due to my not posting (but if so then I do apologise). I'm going to miss posting if that makes you feel any better! *sniff*

Now to business: If you have any queries about submissions for Infinite Descent (the maths magazine) then your first point of contact is Dr. M.D Coleman (email him or catch him around the AT building). If you can't reach him, I'm sure Professor Borovik or Steve won't mind helping you with your ideas if you ask nicely. (I didn't just put words into peoples mouths then!) We are looking for an A4 sized article from students; and for lecturers, yes I have a soft spot, I will let you have at most/least 1.5 pages.

Note: We are asking for submissions for consideration, but please submit whatever you find interesting. Book reviews, interesting questions etc. you name it we want it.

Send any submissions to: the.galoisgroup at, or my university email address or this blog's email address (or Dr. M.D Coleman--the co-co editor!) You will get a holiday email upon sending anything to me, but I will respond to all emails when I return.

If you're interested in volunteering for a lecture, also get in touch. Am I being too optimistic, thinking that I am going to return to a full inbox? Well one can live in hope right... The damnedest thing is that I can no longer bug the usual suspects with my emails and "presence" (hence why the emails at 3am etc!)

OK. I have to run now. Hope you all have a nice Easter break, and let us hope that I don't get withdrawal symptoms. If I have forgotten to mention something, then I do apologise, but I am really struggling to remember anything. I hate packing, for the sinking suspicion that I have forgotten something is not leaving me.

So I will be vanishing from the face of England(!) for two weeks, and will not be available by phone or email (unless I get saved by an internet cafe). You can stop smirking now! (PS: Do forgive me for any inconvenience I may have caused you though, if indeed you are the type to hold grudges against an ickle bean like myself...)

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