Sunday, March 09, 2008

Algebra Notes

Which notes do you prefer:

A) These algebra notes


B) these ones?

That is a serious question by the way. If you had to print one of the two (ignoring the missing page on the second one and the fact that the exercises are in a different file) which would you print?

Is it just me who prefers the second one? For a few weeks I have been unable to get myself into studying algebra, namely because the minute writing in A has my eyes straining, so my brain doesn't switch on! (Note: I didn't say switch off, for I haven't felt switched on for quite some time now). I just found it really difficult to process what was written on the first ten or so pages that I had printed, of notes A.

This once again further informs me of my weird learning style. Big and spacious never harms anyone. Is that because I lack control (of any kind), hence when writing I am all over the page? Nowadays, when doing questions etc. I have reverted back to good old plain paper, for you have the most freedom when scribbling random (incorrect) answers down!

Seriously though, I am (unfortunately?) a very spread out person and "chaotic" is the word that comes to mind. When working I hate being cramped, and that holds generally. I love the outdoors for that reason: the openness and the freedom to explore and do what you want, without anyone clutching you like a back pack is great. (This is also another reason for disliking Oxford road for it is very cramped!) Define claustrophobia, and then I will tell you whether I am. (Nevertheless it is interesting to see how many people assume I might be; but what is wrong with people liking "space"?)

I would definitely choose B, and although it was a tedious process to get to it, I feel glad to have done so. I have printed the first ten pages again, and boy does version B make a difference!


atgeflu said...

Well, when given the choice I would prefer version B, simply because it's easier to read on my screen. It does look better too.

But if only one of them was available I could live with either. I mean I haven't got typed notes for most of my courses. Having a pdf is pretty awesome one way or another (finding stuff is so much easier in a file).

Beans said...

I could have probably lived with A, but I found it very hard to get myself into reading them notes.

Yes, them notes are cool, but what I don't like is how our lectures sometimes lose structure because of them.

*You'll have to excuse my comment--I can't seem to phrase want I want to say, without sounding like an ungrateful, complaining twit. (Not that I don't sound like that otherwise... it's Monday!)

Anonymous said...

Claustrophobia is the phobia of small confined buildings/rooms. So are you claustrophobic?

Beans said...

I'm not scared when in lifts (and other small spaces), but the scene in Kill Bill 2 did make me tingle slightly.