Thursday, February 21, 2008

Waffles and beans today

Apologies for the long absence, but this has to be another rapid paragraph. Busy is the best word that I can use to describe my current state. I have yet to catch up in my studies as I am desperate to do so, but at least I have made a start, which is reassuring. I have been trying to multi task, but everyone seems to be ignoring my emails (nothing new there!) so I haven't made much progress on this third thing. Hopefully I'll get to speak to Dr. Coleman about it tomorrow and we can move forwards (without the replies- HUMBUG)!

I spoke to a post grad student working on education in maths, on Monday I think, no wait it was blimmin' yesterday!!! Wow-- this week has really flown. Anyway, more of what was discussed some other time if time permits, but the student might come to The Galois Group lectures next Wednesday, which is all that mattered to me. (Yes, I am pretty bad when it comes to this it seems.) Unfortunately my "violent" behaviour towards those who deliberately (?) don't attend also unveiled it self. Hey--you guys know me right, I merely try to persuade people to attend, with the benefits of attending! I wouldn't dare harm or threaten anyone... that's just left to my imagination! Wow- the explanation marks have returned tonight (this morning) with a flurry. I am fighting exhaustion. Mental and physical fatigue plague me, and I think I have been enjoying some sort of solitude this week. (The student found the phrase "buffer mathematical interest" nice one could say. This pleased the chemist in me, who resisted the urge to launch into a chemical explanation on buffers!)

I don't know how people can do any work with other people around. If you move you're a distraction. If you breath-- stop breathing, you're distracting me!! Well you get the picture. The other day I tried doing some work (whilst waiting to talk to the post grad student) in the cafe, only to fail miserably due to people breathing... Haha. I'm a difficult customer me. (Otherwise known as being weird).

Today I was asked a perfectly reasonable question: who do I annoy the most PS or DC? What say you? After much thought (two seconds of course) my conclusion is: I don't annoy PS, but I do enjoy annoying DC (unintentionally of course). Well that just reminds me to remind DC to send the email out tomorrow. (I don't really annoy him as such, but I am still out for revenge after believing that gullible isn't a word in the dictionary! Pfft it's still one nil to him.) There are only a few people who I would deliberately annoy, and one of them people happens to be my mum!

Waffles and beans probably describes me right this instance, for I have been trying to write everything and nothing in 10 minutes. I realised something an hour ago. One of my greatest strengths Al has to be my parents, and yet they are my greatest weakness too. If they suffer, I cripple. Sigh--the helplessness is weakening. How does one stay in control of themselves in them situations? How does one stay string? [You could say that my teachers (those who motivate me) are also one of my strengths and weaknesses too. That sounds perverse I know, but it makes perfect sense to me.]

Bed time now. These 9am starts are going to be the end of me \hyperbole, but even worse it's the 5 hours tomorrow. Oh and you wouldn't believe the latest drama about the posters!! I had to take them ALL down today because some "VIPs" are visiting tomorrow. PFFT. The posters are only allowed on notice boards and not walls etc, so I had to take them off the doors. Most annoying, and I asked George if he could please let me speak to the person who asked for this. Never mind though, at least they are safe and in one peace (or so I hope). I'll have to stick them all up again tomorrow, but I still can't get over the ridiculousness of this. (Is that a new word I've just invented.) Whoops--I'm meant to be going to sleep right? (Someone has missed blogging it seems \{sad me}!

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