Saturday, February 02, 2008


Last night I slept like a baby, as the snow settled outside softly. With three blankets I am now immune to the cold, which is a mighty relief until it is time to wake up! I would definitely recommend sleeping on the floor, but then again I would also recommend many other things too. You see, no longer can anyone snidely say, "Someone got out of the wrong side of bed today!" for no such side exists. Sweet.

My legs have recovered too, and thankfully the swelling on my ankle has decreased. It's like someone wants me to have a pleasant weekend!

Yesterday, exhaustion can describe how I felt. Physically and mentally I was exhausted by the time I got home. I just collapsed on the sofa, feeling sleep embrace me, only for someone to tell me to accompany them to Sainsbury. Pfft. There is a reason for why my legs were dead. I had stepped outside the AT Building at 4:28pm yesterday, and had to get to my destination by 4:44pm. Only two minutes had passed by when hail storm engulfed the streets, in the direction I was walking. I was walking alongside the car garages, and I could not see a thing. My eyes were to scared to open, and I only saw people as they avoided me and walked around me! Honestly, it was brutal. Tears rolled down my face, mixed with hail storm and rain. I was under attack, and this somehow caused me to walk faster!

The only thought racing through my head was "thank God my bag is not getting wet". Ha, I didn't care about my face being thorn apart, or my heart shuddering due to the cold. After five or so minutes though, the skies relented. Nevertheless, ignoring the pain in my leg, I marched on, fearing for a second attack. I got to my destination in 12 minutes, drained of life, but with a grim look of happiness. It can be done, I cried in ecstasy. Oxford road is one long road so naturally one feels it is shorter, and my new route is very chaotic in comparison. But still, I can't make anyone understand the peace that flows through my veins as I walk via this enchanted route. Seeing the mss building is no longer my motivation to walk this way--that's just a bonus. I can happily state that only when I had 9am lectures did I walk down Oxford road, which happens to be twice. For the rest of the time, I walked the other way (which after my 12 minutes can no longer be called the longer route!) That is how it will probably remain i.e. on Monday (Wednesdays!) and Tuesdays (Thursdays!) I will walk down Oxford road.

My first week back has slowly coaxed me into a routine. Indeed, it feels that this week was very much the holiday that I needed. Next week is definitely going to be more demanding though. Overall though, it was a fun filled week and I enjoyed it: sorting the Galois Group lectures, annoying my PTs (personal tutors x 3), drinking tea and of course doing some maths! (By the way, the posters didn't happen on Friday. I think I'm going to speak to DC and try to arrange to get the posters printed by only annoying at most two people. At the moment, I think too many people get annoyed with this task which I would not prefer. Also it would be nicer if I could somehow print them and then stick them straight away, rather than passing the job onto others and waiting.)

I have six different and new lectures this semester, and indeed they all have very different lecturing styles. It is up to us to adapt ourselves to different lecturers style, and I think in my case to find one who can motivate me! Let us not worry about this yet, for I intend to talk in detail about this next week.

Hmm, I haven't talked about any maths (surprise surprise), but something funny happened in Fridays logic lecture. I was sat at the front besides someone from my first year supervision class. I also had drank some tea and a lot of water before the lecture. Need I say more? I was actually really interested in the lecture but half way through I became desperate. My eyes widened in fear. I contemplated on walking out and then returning, but due to being sat at the front this was not possible. Silently I persuaded myself to remain patient for twenty minutes, and so I sat stealing looks at the clock every minute! The lecture over ran. I understood what the lecturer was saying. Nodding I silently willed him to look at the time too! Finally he finished and my supervision friend and myself, discovered that we were both in the same situation. Jumping over the tables, due to being blocked in, we both ran for the sake of our bladder!!

An exciting day wasn't it? (Albeit rather embarrassing!) I have decided to try and post about topics that pickle my interest during the week, on the weekend. This I will aim to do tomorrow! (Fingers crossed...) I have updated my driving blog (after ages), but before I finish this post, a final comment: when I sat down to attempt a problem sheet, a powerful headache overcame me. The powers that be feel that I have yet to recover from my examination stress, and do not want me to study. Damn them fools.

PS: I can keep the posts small sometimes!

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