Sunday, February 24, 2008

PS: Damn my incompetence

That's what I forgot to mention in my previous post about LaTeX and Beth Trees--my stupidity. Although I said I will look at this matter again in a week, I lied. Well I haven't been in the mood to do some serious maths (for some strange reason), and working on the coursework at least reassured me that I am doing something worthwhile. I have also broken one of the ten commandments already (whoops).

I decided to post this so anyone else who wants the synttree package doesn't make the same mistake as me! Well all I'm going to do is paste what Steve advised me to do:

"Remember synttree is not a Windows program but can be used on any OS. It says:

To use the package, download synttree.dtx and synttree.ins. Then run:
tex synttree.ins
to generate synttree.sty. Place that file somewhere LaTeX will find it.

BUT, don't do that. Just go to MiKTeX, Installed Packages, wait for it to find all the packages, right-click on synttree and then click Install.
OR Just put \usepackage{synttree} in your document, compile it and MiKTeX should offer to install it.

If neither of those work then follow the instructions above put synttree.sty in C:\<your path to tex files>\tex\latex\synttree and then in MiKTeX, Settings press the Refresh FNDB button. "

I just wrote \usepackage{synttree} and Eureka--it worked. In future, before making a big fuss about something like this I'm going to write the usepackage command first. (Then of course bug Steve next, rather than the other way round!)

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