Friday, February 29, 2008

Lecturers blackmailing?!

It's a conspiracy I tell you! They have all ganged up on me. Damn. Wait for my post after this to hear about who else has joined hands. (I am waiting for the battery to charge up first...)

Guess who the blackmailer is on this occasion?!

"Isn't this a good occasion to change your ...... etc ? If you do I will send the orderless elements into Room 101, and there they will be forgotten forever."

I thought only I was allowed to do such things. What can I do now? The orderless elements, which I had pretended to have forgotten, are something which can destroy me!

OK, enough dramatics (yes, you read that correctly). My mind is working overtime to see who else is joining forces against me. Anyone want to join my side? [Although regarding this particular case, I think the blackmailing is mutual.]

But what sounds worse--students "persuading lecturers" using their well thought out ideas, or lecturers blackmailing students? :D Haha. I'll be back.

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