Thursday, February 14, 2008

Guess who's back

That's a rather lame title (if I may say so myself), but I couldn't quite remember what the horror movie line was. Anyway, this is a quick five sentences (read five long paragraph post!) before I head home. Actually I have to leave the AT building 16:45pm so there is hope yet!

What I meant by being back is that some part of my mathematical heart is returing. Even though this is a new semester, the not caring and "can't be bothered" attitude has still been haunting me. Today I have a point to prove which has cracked me open let a nut.

There are two forms of negativity. One a subtle reminder, which you acknowledge and it doesn't register. This is useful at times, but there is this other form of negativity. This is the complete package which induces a reaction in one. Initially I was angered by this negativity from various people, even though they meant well. Today, although still slightly "miffed" I am grateful for this negativity. It has given me a much needed kick, and I now feel determined to prove to them that it can be done. It will be done ia as well.

I will be going awol (absent without leave!) for a few days, due to this resolve(?) that I have. Hopefully though I will publish my post about yesterdays lecture when I get home, for it was indeed a fantastic lecture! If anyone else has a few words they'd like to say about it, please post a comment and I will add it to my post. Thanks to everyone who attended, and you are all my friends until you decide to not attend a lecture!

There is a lot to be accomplised, but I am reminded of the quote which I don not have the time to fine! Got to run!

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