Thursday, February 28, 2008

Dr. E's blackboard.

I would like to narrate something which I found embarrassingly funny. (Well it was embarrassing for me, so you might find it funny). Dr. E has this brilliantly cool blackboard stuck on his office door, (which I'm conspiring to get my hands on!) and which I will soon have a picture of. Anyway, yesterday was the first time I had spotted this and straight away my child-like antics took over. (I have an excuse for my behaviour-hurrah). Dr. E though was adamant--he wouldn't let me have it. Yes, I had shamelessly begged him for it, but since he's on a sabbatical it's useful for him and he likes it too. I was persistent but so was he, and eventually I went away determined to get my hands on one, with Dr. E's final comment ringing in my ears: "If it's not there, I'll know who has taken it!"

This morning I happened to walk past his office door, and after I had another inquisitive look at the black board, the following message appeared on it: "It's ET Bell or the blackboard. Let me know what you decide!" or something like that... Note: I did not mention that I wrote that little message, so naturally I was intrigued when Dr. E accused me of such antics. I'm not the blackmailing type of people (anyone who disagrees better have a good reason for doing so! Hehe.) I'm the "persistent bugs" who only stop bugging once satisfied, but then again, it is a cyclic thing. I am reassured of my bug like nature because my bugging hasn't caused anyone to swat me away yet; but that might be because I have become immune to everyone's attempt so don't start now! (And don't tell those concerned!)

So I innocently asked Dr. E of what message he was speaking of, and which book! (Two can play at this game...) He retraced his sentence as I stood there wide eyed, looking curious as to what Dr. E was talking about. My problem is that this BIG STUPID grin finds its way onto my face. I couldn't resist and burst out laughing, which gave away my innocence. Damn--I always do this. (Although I still think that some force caused my hand to move when I picked the chalk up. Come to think of it, I know what happened!! As I picked the chalk in my right hand, my left hand held my right hand and forced it to write on the board. See, I knew something fishy was going on, I just knew it!)

Then Dr. E went serious and said that he really did need that book. I have yet to read it, but what better time than today to start reading it? Dr. E is not going to be my friend over the Easter break for he can't make it to the last Galois Group lecture of the term. Nevertheless maybe his blackboard can change that?!! Haha, OK fine if you insist I'll let him of for missing the last one for he has been brilliant all throughout the semester. (He's one of the few people who have attended all the lectures so far but sadly he's going to miss out on the certificate...)

So what's embarrassing you ask? Well although my post describing today's drama will be up later, I will point out to you at this moment in time I was on cloud nine. I spoke to a few people as I went about my poster sticking business, but due to "talking" I only managed to stick one up!! (Well my deadline is tomorrow). Anyway it was soon time to go home and I decided to stick the posters up tomorrow, and headed to Dr. C's office to put them away. As I exited his office my eyes fell upon "the blackboard again". An unnatural force overcame me as I stealthily marched towards it.

Picking the chalk up and laughing to myself, I began to write. I was enjoying myself very much, thinking about what my next "blackmailing" message could be! Suddenly the door was pulled open and Dr. E's face appeared out of nowhere--smirking. I had honestly jumped back and then lost my balance, due to the shock and my fits of laughter, and then landed on my backside! So I ended up crawling away from his door (to safety!) as fast as possible whilst laughing my head off. Well I confess to initially having been surprised and uttering an "aaaahhhh--what are you doing here" before crawling towards the printer for my life! Sitting on the floor cross legged, with the chalk in my hand and as far away from Dr. E as possible, I just laughed like a nutter at my situation. Dr. E just stood there looking pleased at having just equalised, and told me to get of the floor (even though it was comfortable as always).

A post grad student happened to walk past and enquired whether I was OK. Shame faced I had laughed that I was OK, and Dr. E had just shocked me, whilst I tried to stop laughing! Honestly it was his face... just like in the movies when you're caught doing something you shouldn't be. You had to be there!

Finally, as the laughter came to a close, I stood up and carefully walked towards him. (Well I wasn't going to give the game away foolishly). Putting the chalk back I asked him how he had heard me writing on the board? It's the damn doors! Meh, Dr. P's whose office is next to Dr. E's also added some insight about the doors but I was too busy plotting my revenge. Hmm, Dr. E added to my embarrassment by asking me to finish what I had started to write!! The humiliation. I matter of factly replied that since he was in, there was no point in doing so and I will leave him a message tomorrow.

And yes, I know what I will be writing on his board tomorrow. It seems that my little (friendly) battles with the lecturers are not having their desired outcome i.e. I'm losing!! Do you think they have all got together now, which I feared? (Well the scores at the moment all read draws, although I think Dr. C might have the upper hand still, because of the silly word gullible. Ouch).

Any ideas on how I can get that blackboard? Wait till I post its picture--you'll all be waiting outside his office wanting it too!

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