Thursday, February 14, 2008

The Beautiful Quote

I realise that my post at 16:35pm was littered with errors (the university computers don't have the brilliant in-line dictionary for their browsers, so I didn't even perform the standard spell check!) Nevertheless, you will be glad to know that I didn't have to leave at "precisely" 16:45pm, and could have waited a further five minutes. I got to my destination in quick time, which was pleasingly painful, but taught me to relax a little.

Anyway, this is another 10 minute post so expect mistakes! The quote which I was trying to recall in my previous post was:

“I am one, but I am only one. I cannot do everything; but I will not let what I cannot do interfere with what I can do.”
Edward Everett Hale.

That quote has been in my head since last night, as I had a deep conversation with the moon. (Yes, you read that correctly!) Well a lot had happened yesterday (which I will definitely post about tomorrow now), and a silent listener makes better than none. I was actually seeing how many kick ups I could do in the garden with my hands held behind my back, and delegated things in my mind at the same time. (Fridays are officially my days off, so I won't be rushing through the post like now).

Something is rattling my cage.

Anyway, knowing my memory I will forget some things about Wednesday by tomorrow so here's one exchange that surprised me:

"So what topic are you working on?" he asked. I gave the post grad student a quizzing look at this question. "What area are you in?" he continued. Sudden realisation dawned upon me as to what the questioner meant! At this stage my mouth flew open as I glanced at the commenter and then towards DC, not knowing how to react. (This was when we had gathered for refreshments at the end of the lecture). Should I be offended that three years had been put on me, or encouraged that someone thought that a person of such youth(!) be capable of even thinking about a title?! I took the second option, for I am sure that the person was aware that I was a four year old on that day, as I had announced in my introduction!

I didn't know how to reply initially, and as I realised that the question was a serious one, I had chuckled that I am only a second year undergraduate student! It still feels like a weird question, but I guess the person had this misconception for I am always bugging lecturers (and some post grad students) and can be seen everywhere. (Well bugging the usual suspects of course, but I prefer to use the word "conversing with").

Today I was happy to see PS drinking tea like usual. (Ask him for confirmation... I tell no lies dammit!) Well WLOG (without loss of generality?) shall we say. I forgot the question mark in the title for my previous post-- how many of you had spotted that? Although I didn't get a chance to run my third idea past him, there is always another day. He told me a funny story to do with a parking ticket and the year 2007. It's February and I still write 2007 at times, instead of 2008. (But I think back to when Prof. S told me about the absent minded professor and what happened the next day!:D)

After speaking to PS I had my own cup of tea and lunch. The conversation at the table moved around a lot, until the matter of "diaries" was mentioned. I kept mute throughout this conversation, for this blog can be classed as a "diary" of some sort and I didn't want to contradict myself. Indeed, this is a very public diary although I didn't realise that in the beginning. It was mentioned that why would you bother reading anyone's diary, for they write every teeney detail of what they did. I silently agreed, knowing how I get carried away at times, but it's a case of writing things that stood out for you during the day. I still can't answer that question, but I guess writing a blog is slightly different to writing a "personal personal diary" which nobody on the planet knows about. (I felt a shudder at the thought of any of the Tweenies reading this!)

By the way, my discrete maths lecturer is cool. Full stop. (I might be somewhat influenced by him taking an interest in Dr. K's lecture yesterday, and sending his late apologies...) I'm too easy to please, but for those who didn't attend the lecture and for no good reason, please make up for it and attend the next one on February 27th! It's by two students who I didn't FORCE to volunteer. They wanted to do the lecture. (Don't listen to what everyone else tells you, I use that "puss in boots" look and they can't say no. Sweet!) Actually that's a lie too. I shamelessly beg. No wait, that's not true as well. I don't know what I do, but it is a very democratic process I assure you! Whatever you do, don't listen to what Dr. Coleman says on this matter! Please...

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