Wednesday, February 13, 2008

AT G205: 1:10pm - be there or be square!

PS: Ignore the lame title, I have written it as a last and very lame resort. Any offers for something better? Be there or be flat makes better sense, or be there or get a disappointed stare? (Oh, by the way all the links link to the post below, so don't bother clicking them).

This post is going to be typed in 5 minutes if all goes well. I have to sleep by 1am you see. It feels good when one looks down at their to do list and notices that everything has been done! And if that happens to be the first time of such a thing occurring, then even better. Today I have managed to do all but one thing, but I will say that I did everything. Namely because I can send the email now, but if the receiver sees the time they'll reject my application!

Today I had an interesting discussion with Dr. C about the third phase of the Galois Group (TGG). It happened to run for a few "very long" minutes, but I feel a sense of hope. I will disclose matters on another day, but hopefully phase two might come along soon too. The third phase is the most difficult one, and I realise that I definitely can't accomplish that on my lonesome. Anyway, I'll do what I can on my part and then what follows will follow.

I spoke to two of my PTs today, and as always it was good to speak to my "first PT". (I'm always talking/bugging DC about TGG!) My PT can't attend tomorrows lecture because of stupid interviews. I hope PS can make it, but if he doesn't then I won't be too upset (I actually won't be upset at all). He'll be spared from my "disappointed" look which I give to those people who don't attend. (Unknowingly of course...) I'm still hoping for an optimistic 50 though. Oh and if any lecturer is reading this, then please can you announce TGG lecture in your lecture tomorrow! (I know the email was sent, but consider this a friendly reminder). It's 1am now, my plan has failed.

Please do attend at 1:10pm in room G205 (Alan Turing Building) for Dr. Khudaverdian's lecture Pretty please with a cherry on top, and no excuse is lamer than what I can come up with so it will be easier to attend! (There are no seminars at that time--I've done my homework).

Monday and Tuesday have been hectic and I would rather post about Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday tomorrow! Dare I say that I feel all the negativity leaving me? (Oh did I mention that the introductions tomorrow are going to be ridiculous. I hear there's a piano involved!!) It's 1:05am and I leave you with this quote (which sort of describes my situation, but I have not the time to explain):

When we have not what we like,
we must like what we have.

Comte De Bussy-Kabutin

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