Friday, February 15, 2008

Another (mathematics) quote

"What shall we say of the mathematics? Shall we deem them to be the delirious ravings of madmen? Nay; we cannot read the writings of the ancients on these subjects without the highest admiration."

Today is my day off so I thought to work on my plan, and whilst doing so I found the quote above. I am trying my hardest to multi task (and failing miserably), but I am a little confused now about Carol Lewis and Charles Dodgson. Were they one person, or two different people living during the same time? I have read a contradiction to what I had assumed hence my confusion. Anyway, I can always look that up later.

Since I have started this post I might as well write two lines of what I'm playing at! For the past three weeks I have attended zero example classes. Not very encouraging is it?! I have only done sheet 1 for metric spaces, logic and some of geometry. The calculus sheet has been partially completed: I just need to write everything down! For algebra and discrete maths I have done zilch in terms of reading my notes and the problem sheets. They are my priority this weekend and everything else follows. I am playing catch up so soon in the semester, but if I dare think about doing what I want, I have to catch up. I can't stress the importance of staying on top of my studies first, and then doing whatever other mumbo jumbo I want to.

Disappointed is the word flying in my head, but I am comforting myself with the thought that we haven't really covered "that much" in certain modules\{geometry}. I can do this, I know it. I just need to get rid of the "dumb thoughts" that I have about certain modules. Them being hard should be my motivation--not the reason for me to not work at them!!

I have finally found a solution to my poster printing solution, and that is Rob! Woohoo. Now I will only annoy one person, which makes me feel much better (believe it or not). He's cool so that's a bonus. (Well he helped me in my moment of need i.e. my lecture, for which I am forever grateful...) Previously I had been bugging two/three people, and I think my discrete maths lecturer will be happy at how I have found a more efficient solution. Another poster went down today but that was for a funny reason. I had been slightly cheeky and thought of fooling George by sticking a poster on the wall next to an official looking poster. Nothing gets passed him and soon both posters had been removed! Ha, I will get mine back though for he kept it for me. There you have another cool person.

We have been given feedback forms to fill in during this week, and I would rather just talk to the lecturer about what I feel. It is too easy to write the things which we don't like (in a constructive way of course) and forget the positives. I always write my name on the feedback forms, for I believe if I'm not "bean" enough to say what I write then I shouldn't write it at all. (I did though, mention my dislike of online notes in the algebra one...)

Today I also happened to speak to my metric spaces lecturer (for more than a few minutes). After our lecture I had kindly(!) informed him that he needs to prioritise things properly, for how could he imagine attending a conference in Glasgow(?) when there was a Galois Group lecture in Manchester requiring his presence! Then later we talked again after I had finished sticking the posters up. The conversation was interesting and as you can imagine I talked a lot and then some more and then some more... I told him about my bad first semester and we concluded that the winter semesters have that effect on people. (Yes another excuse for me, but there does seem to be a pattern to this...) We also discussed the Galois Group and what effect it's having on the undergraduates. I am not sure to be honest, but as I said in my post about undergraduate maths students, my aim is to cater for the smaller community initially and then hope for the best! (We already have two undergraduate volunteers for next year and here's hoping for four more.)

I'm going to have a post one day in which I will write down some notation for my blog! I can't write Prof. P and certain other abbreviations for they are no longer unique. I will think of something so don't worry, but PS, DC and the old ones will remain. Hmm, I really need to have a cup of tea with PS someday!

I got carried away again and ended up writing more than usual (again), but that might be due to the junk food I have eaten since 3pm. Well I got annoyed due to taking my sweet time getting to the library, and then being late so I went and spent too much money on chocolates, sweets, crisp and drink. Since it has been half term this week (sniff) I have had to resort to eating more junk food than normal, and have deliberately not kept an eye on how much I've spent! By the way, a word of advice-- NEVER drink Oasis if you're sitting on a bus. If you still insist due to your thirst, please wait for the bus to become stationary before drinking. The stupid oasis bottles are just that: stupid.

PS: I have written half of my post about Wednesday in case you're wondering! Had to get through the preamble you see...

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