Wednesday, January 30, 2008

A typical Monday morning

My sleeping pattern is horrendous at the moment and I am need of a consistent pattern. I stupidly didn't sleep till very "early" last night, and suffered this morning. I know a set of traffic lights very well, which I encounter on my way to university. This morning the conversation at breakfast had been about my driving lessons, and frustration had been building up inside me. I am not a natural driver I claimed, amongst other things but still the conversation was relentless. Driving is costing a lot of money it seems (that is an understatement!) but what can one do?

You see, recently I have been pressing the clutch first and then braking when I have to stop. I know I shouldn't do this but that's beside the point I was trying to make. I KNOW what I do wrong. My problem is my stubbornness, which makes me want to correct the mistakes myself, and hence I don't listen to what my instructor tells me! I honestly should listen, but I am determined to do it all myself. My personality shows in my driving (according to my instructor) and I will leave it to your imagination as to what kind of driver that makes me...

Anyway, that was a brief aside, we were at some traffic lights if I recall correctly. I know these traffic lights like I know how to eat i.e. very well. My MS paint skills fail me so I will add a picture later, but after I had crossed one set of lights I proceeded to cross the second set after a quick glance. I thought the cars were stopping and as soon as my foot hit the road I noticed that the Mercedes was going to go through the red lights! I jumped back onto the pavement and confess muttering at the driver and pointing towards the red light, as his car drove past--him shaking his head.

Still muttering at the idiot driver I tried crossing again. Looking left and stepping onto the road, another car refused to stop, causing me to jump onto the pavement again. I was infuriated at this point, as a total of three cars had just gone through the red lights. Were they blind?! Again I waved my hands about a lot, indicating to them that I wasn't happy with them driving through red lights and nearly causing an accident. (It was darn close and I don't know how the heck I survived, especially when the stupid small white van man didn't even slow down! Instead he waved his hands at me.)

Finally the road was clear and I hurried across. Then it hit me. I had just made a fool of myself as other drivers (waiting for other light signals to change) watched, wondering what was wrong with this blind fool. There is a filter system in these lights! So once I have crossed the first set I always have to wait for a few seconds before the second change, due to them still being green. I was astounded at myself. Never in my life have I done such a stupid thing. Indeed I was quite shook up by this, and in my embarrassment I made the following decision:

The first day of the week on which you have a 9am start, is officially (WLOG?) a Monday. End of story. *draws black square* Thinking about the cars which wouldn't have stopped gives me a shudder. All I can say is phew! I mean why would they be expected to stop just because some moron decides to walk on the road?! This is a fantastic decision (in my opinion!) because I can now blame Mondays for things going wrong. The Galois Group lectures happen on Wednesdays (i.e. Mondays!) so if anything goes wrong it's not my fault anymore. HA. Anyone else want to follow suit?

I had to walk down Oxford road today due to being late of course, but I wasn't too late for my lecture. (I'm sure it was only 30 seconds...) Maybe what my mum used to tell me was true? Am I doomed to be late for all my lectures this semester?

Introduction to Geometry is going to be fun. Hard yes, but very fun. I have been talking to Dr. K for some time now due to his lecture on week 3, but his lecture was great. I couldn't but help have a cheesy grin on my face throughout. Why? Well in the knowledge that this semester, although more difficult, will be much more enjoyable. I keep on saying that it's going to be more difficult, for I feel it in my blood that things have stepped up a level. As expected, we have progressed onto a new, more tougher level, which I hope to persevere in playing until I "finish the game".

A lot of different notation was used in todays lecture, and indeed many of the lecturers have different notation. This needs getting used to, for I think it's important to stay consistent with the lecturers notation (well for certain things anyway). In geometry coordinates are written with superscripts not subscripts, so we had (a^1, a^2) instead of (a_1, a_2). On the whole though it was a very energetic lecture and tomorrow should be fun.

After Geometry I had gone to see Dr. K about his lecture, and now all that is required is a picture for the poster and then I'm done. Well I have to do all the sticking everything up, getting emails sent etc. but once the posters are out of the way I can relax. I aim to have everything stuck up by next Monday hopefully. It looks to be an interesting lecture on Tube Formula, and I know for a fact that it is going to be lively. I am conspiring to get something done for that Wednesday 13th February (pencil that in your diaries! Room G205) but we'll soon see how things pan out.

We also had Discrete Maths today and I really enjoyed that lecture too. We talked about the Tower of Hanoi, and now I know an algorithm to solve it. I have to spoken to Dr. M before, so as expected he was cool too. Another cheesy grin was plastered on my face as I thought the same things again. I am not sure about Graph theory you see, but then I think it is unfair of me to base my judgement on the content due a silly report I did last year. We had to do a report on graphs for the workshop module last year, and I hated it very much. I didn't like the way things were proved for graphs using induction. Only recently had I finally conquered induction and then we were told that it's all about taking branches of and putting new ones in. I didn't really pay attention to the theory then, hence why I will turn a new leaf and not dread "graph theory". I am sure that Dr. M will make it nice and enjoyable.

I like one thing he said today (well one of the many things). He said that he deliberately makes the example sheets harder so that we can better understand the material. I somewhat think this is reasonable for it is for our own benefit: struggling with material until it hits home. (Let us see what I say when I can't do the questions for weeks upon weeks!)

It seems that I have returned to my previous posting mode, i.e. write everything and miss nothing. It is my intention, as I mentioned at the end of last semester, to blog more about the maths that I am doing in my lectures. I say this because having blogged about double integrals, I realised how useful it was. If I ever need a recap, all I do is read my post and it comes back to me. Writing about topics like that helps you to understand them better yourself. But maybe I shouldn't be too hasty in my claims? Already I can see a busy semester (what with some silly and other not so silly commitments that I have), so it's going to very tight this year.

As I said yesterday, I managed to speak to PS today. I feel bad, for all I tend to do is whinge about this matter at hand, but I feel that he understands my plight. He's my only "PT" who knows the full situation. Well I think even he is a bit confused by my silliness, but then I have seen them eyes broken once and I don't want to be the one who causes such a thing. My problem in everything (including driving!) is that I end up over thinking (which isn't good when driving). I end up thinking about all the negatives, and then I claim to be a "realistic person who likes dreaming". a I am happy with what I have been given in life, but GAH this indecisiveness is killing me. I apologise before hand but I will be venting about this a lot during the semester, namely because I have to resolve the matter. Patience beans, be patient. (Ha, for some reason that didn't register...)

Before you end up damaging your screen, let me remind you: it's not my fault--it's Monday morning! Tomorrows my first ever Algebra lecture, which should be fun as well as having three other lectures tomorrow. Hurrah. The balls finally started to roll. (I can't spell conscience by the way (another hurrah for spell check), and it has been suggested it may be due to me not having one. What say you? Seems a reasonable claim, but I spell words on "instinct" which happens to be wrong more often than not. However I like the idea of not having one because I can't spell the word! Any excuse will do for me!)

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