Sunday, January 20, 2008

Stars in my eyes

I accidentally stared into the lamp, hence I'm seeing stars everywhere. Especially when I close my eyes. On occasions (in my youth!) I used to deliberately do this, because I found the "flashing", when I closed my eyes cool. Well the pictures formed were...

I can't "look" at the sun (not that I try to) because I always start sneezing. Once again, as a kid on journeys in a car during a sunny day, I always used to fall asleep so I wasn't sneezing all the time.

Enough randomness. My exam is tomorrow at 2pm, and unfortunately in the cursed Sugden Centre. Last year I complained (until I turned blue), about the lights in that hall. I always need bright lights when I am revising or for exams, and them lights are depressing. Sigh. It's only 2 hours though unlike the three hours on Thursday!

Hows the revision going beans? Well I am saturated with information (as Po tends to say) but still have the last four lectures to learn. That is all the stuff after Quaternions. It is just a matter of learning everything and my head is banging. I am now going to do my "night before exam ritual" i.e. panic, but after typing this post of course.

I am hoping to finish these lectures tonight though, and tomorrow wake up at 4am and do all the problem sheets and past papers. This seems possible in the same way that everything else is possible for me! (I.e. not very). Will just have to keep believing that it is possible.

Previously I asked the question: Rings or Groups? I can now answer that question with more conviction. I hate Rings. (Does that answer the question?) With rings you have these stupid non-commutative rings and division rings. I keep on seeing the word skew and my mind is not registering it. A field is a commutative ring with one, where all the non-zero elements are invertible.

But groups, they are beautiful and pleasing to see. (I know that I won't be saying this after my exam, but at this moment rings are making my head hurt!) The only thing I hate about algebra at the moment is simplified notation.

I was reading about left cosets of H in G, and they are the set gH={ gh : h \in H} (G group and H subgroup). After an example I realised that I had been computing gh as g times h, not g*h as it means. I keep on doing this. It is annoying but I now write every definition etc as g*h instead of gh (just so that I remember what it means).

That's enough for now. Although I feel like I'm on autopilot at the moment, I am going to continue revising at 10pm. This week, I feel, is going to be horrible. Is this the calm before the storm?


miah said...

Groups, rings and fields?? Get Allenby's book. Allenby is just super-awesome.I love the guy.I love him so much I got a couple of his publications personally signed by him. :p

Beans said...

Hi Miah, I do have Allenby's book but must confess to have only opened it twice! I think my notes for this module were pretty neat and I actually didn't used any book. (Well apart from when I went looking for something which I had gotten myself in a muddle with).

He does sound like a cool guy though. (I have semi-read another one his books).