Thursday, January 31, 2008


I don't know what to write, yet here I am typing. Honestly speaking, normally I have a slight idea about what to type, but today zilch. Maybe that means this is going to be a short post?

I have sprained/twisted my ankle today. I knew it as soon as I landed on my right foot, at an awkward angle. The swelling I couldn't control during the day, but damn this is most annoying. Why? Well even though angling my foot in a certain direction, or unfortunately jumping of the ledge causes me large amounts of pain, I don't stop doing such things. Knowing myself I know that I am going to continue behaving like normal, and ignore my foot.

Today has been an up and down day. Algebraic structures 2 was first thing in the morning and I was only 3 minutes late. It was just a lecture recalling previous information and we defined the characteristic. I need a quick glance over my last semester notes, just to reinforce information about rings. Apart from that, we were warned it's going to be a tough journey. Bring it on I say, rather weakly though! I'm not in the mood for a fight today, so my fight to reach the right level of abstraction remains for another day.

Straight after this it was the geometry example class, which is actually more like a supervision. I was absolutely terrified during this supervision, albeit with a massive grin on my face! Why? Well Dr. K makes people go and write stuff on the board! The solution to this is to sit some place where this is not possible. I could always sit outside, put a glass on the window to "eavesdrop" on the maths, and copy the notes down. Well that is if it isn't raining!

The grin was because Dr. K is great. What do I see? I see enthusiasm. I see passion and I see a love for mathematics which doesn't just consist of calculations! The example class was good and I was only five minutes late. (Damn librarian). Still though, I feel a natural fear when I think about the content of this course. I have had this fear for the whole week, that I won't be able to understand the modules properly. I guess this is because I am now doing a lot of new things, and haven't found a familiar (nice) platform within the modules, upon which I can balance on.

Anyway, straight after geometry I hurried for the calculus lecture and my honzo sword returned. Chip Hazard's inspirational words "There will be no mercy" repeated themselves in my head. Yes, talkers, beware. I didn't follow the whole lecture, especially the last few minutes. My stomach at this point signaled to me that I shouldn't have had a small breakfast. At the end of this lecture, I quickly munched on an apple and headed for the geometry lecture (during which my stomach sadly grumbled throughout!)

The blackboard in the geometry lecture was disgraceful. I was sat near the front and amazingly had difficulty seeing the chalk, especially one sentence which no one could read. This was most upsetting and we debated on whether to switch the lecture to the morning and have the example class at this time. Nothing was decided and Dr. K continued with his lecture. Soon he spotted some board lights and looked for the switch. "Let there be light" was announced and wow-- suddenly we could see everything that we hadn't previously been able to! It was a bizarre moment, and I had to blink a few times in disbelief! Everything was perfectly visible and my eyes were wondering why they were no longer straining. A sigh of relief passed through everyone, as we laughed heartily. I lost the thread of the lecture towards the final third, due to my hunger and a dull pain in my foot.

When you're hurting and not allowing yourself to recover, one tends to sit quietly and mull over things. Why is it assumed that someone found sitting quietly, not wanting to converse, has something wrong with them? I have been in a contemplative mood today, and actually wanted to embrace the silence and my thoughts. After the geometry lecture I was depleted of all energy reserves and all I could think about was having a cup of tea. Today was a really cold day as well, and my tea warmed my hands more than my stomach. Indeed I was in such a state at the time, that I ended up having two cups of tea in row! For some strange I wasn't able to eat all my lunch, which didn't do wonders for me.

I can't ever take it easy. Arthur said to me that I have got too much on my plate. Milo said that if I was to go on a holiday I would never just lounge in the sun. I don't understand why people would go on holiday to lounge in the sun? I mean yes, if it's sunny that's good news- but what about everything else there is to do? I know for a fact that my ankle is not going to like me for the next week or so. I have lost count of the number of times I have messed my ankles up, but hey, it's only after I ran across the AT building to catch up with Dr. E that I realised my stupidity. Yes, the Galois Group brought me out of contemplation and gave me the spring in my step again. It's funny how it can do that to me. I think it's because I end up running up and down the flight of stairs at least five times, so the blood happily keeps me going. Oh and it's always fun bugging lecturers (as I informed Dr. E).

After lunch it was discrete maths and I learnt a trick. If you're running late and see the lecturer heading towards the lecture, then walk with him/her to the lecture. In that way you will not be late but just on time! The discrete lecture was confusing towards the end, but that is because my head, after about 5 hours of proper maths was saturated. Lessons learned: have the worlds biggest breakfast on Thursdays, have an apple or banana on the hour until lunch. One cup of tea should be enough but only AFTER lunch. Sweet, and after the last lecture is over, to get myself alive and kicking, do some running around for the Galois Group. That looks so nice on paper, but in reality lets see how things progress.

I have completed the posters and have had the email sent (and not received no hate mail back)! Now the posters need printing and sticking up. Maybe I will do that by tomorrow instead of Monday. By the way, today it took me 12 minutes, by taking the longer journey as opposed to going on Oxford Road. Don't you just love that burst of adrenaline when you're walking to a destination? It's just great. I still am very far away from the level of fitness that I had maintained last semester, but I am not going to give in this semester. Walking briskly for half an hour is not really enough exercise, but it's a start.

For someone who was speechless I managed to contradict myself! That's why I am known as infinity in some places. I can go on for ever and ever and ever and... you get the point! Truth be told, I said speechless because when I write, it is such that I am in conversation with someone. I haven't done any work this week but my intention is to do so on the weekend, which I am really badly looking forward to. The weather here is horrible. The wind is wild and blowing slates of the roof. I feel like my window is going to fly into the room, on top of me! I feel a certain reluctance towards sleeping on the floor today. Sigh. I have four blankets so hopefully I won't feel the cold. Yes, I'm going to sleep early today (LIAR), well before 1am would be considered an improvement. No 9am start tomorrow means extra time in bed, but I wonder whether it will be safe to travel tomorrow!

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