Sunday, January 27, 2008

Doing Nothing and "New Beginnings"

It feels quite great to be able to do nothing. I feel at peace, not having to constantly sit at my desk "revising". If only this feeling could last for longer than a day! Alas, tomorrow is my last day of "nothing". By nothing I mean all the things that I couldn't do without tension, for the past few weeks. The embarrassing thing is that when I played Resistance Fall of Man, I did very badly; nevertheless there was no bound on how long I could play for!

Today was the first time in my life that I actually enjoyed cleaning my room--ready for the new semester! After a while I got bored with hole-punching, and instead found some plastic wallets and stuffed papers into them, before filing away. The only thing that sticks out, is the large pile of stats and numerical analysis books, which I hope to return soon.

I did have a little worry about The Galois Group during the day, but having double checked my diary I realise that our first lecture is in week 3, and not in week 2 as I had initially thought. Phew! That gives me more time to relax and do things in my own time.

So onto "new semester resolutions" (I hope I didn't hear you laugh at that!) Haha, I only ever make light resolutions due to my backward nature of not being able to fulfill any. The first thing I hope to do, rather mysteriously, is keep my precious gem polished and shiny. If I am able to do that, then everything else will fall into its own place. That I know for a fact.

If however, I am unable to accomplish the most important thing, I hope to stay on top of my studies from day one. I.e to do that extra, much needed reading around my modules which I didn't last semester. They key to everything it to be disciplined in all respects. I have had a semester experience of The Galois Group and know what is required and expected of me for that. Since I won't be lecturing this semester, I can take it slightly easy, but as always attendance is always an issue!

I hope to come to my lectures and the maths building the long way from now on. This means not walking down Oxford Road. Seriously, I absolutely detest that road with a passion. I didn't come to the University because of "Manchester" the city. That road does not allow one to get lost in thought, and talk to oneself! Maybe on the way home it is a different matter, but because I dislike walking on Oxford Road, I always feel compelled to get on a bus. (My bus pass allows me to shamelessly do such a thing). Walking as much as possible is important for me, and if I walk the long way I will obviously be walking more!

Sleeping on time and having good sleep has always been a problem for me (heck I'm awake at this silly time!) but that should get fixed itself. Generally though, I hope to not use lack of sleep as an excuse for many things.

Connected with making sure I am up to date with everything, is doing the example sheets. I must persevere with them and make sure that I do them during the semester and not after.

Bella remarks that we didn't have much "Tweenie Time" last semester but I think this was due to our location. Last year Paddy's Lounge was a natural home for us, but that is on the lovely campus of the university. Sigh. Green grass and blue skies, what more can someone ask for? Still though they insist on selling my building... The new maths building is brilliant when only 7 or eight students are inside it. It has a certain peace to it then, and you feel that homely feeling present in the mss building. I enjoy my own company at times, and hate the new building because it doesn't allow one to sit on their lonesome. I know that I did run away from company at times, but that is because I had an agenda which no one else understood. People didn't want to share my agenda, so I got help from those who wanted to.

Whoops, I'm blabbing away now. That indicates bed time, but not before I write something sensible. I hope to be a better PASS leader this semester, and hope that it all goes well. Going back to the Tweenie point, I didn't think last semester was "that bad", but we were all very stressed individuals and had a lot on our plate. I think sometimes people create something out of nothing, which might be natural, but causes others to scratch their heads! Or maybe put too much emphasis on something which happened.

I don't want sympathy and if and when it is given, I don't know how I will react. Understanding and support is more important.

Making sure that I date and file my work straight away is important too, and I mean straight away! The main thing is to make sure that I do what I always try to do i.e. continuous work throughout the year, and not everything last minute. If I think of any cool experiments to work on this semester I will keep you updated. In the mean time here is my timetable for the semester, which is nice and not very nice. Thursdays are evil, and Fridays are only slightly better.

Good night now. (This post probably is so disjoint, that you're scratching your chin. So am I so you're not alone.) I should stop shut up now. Yes.

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