Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Trouble Brewing

If anything happens to me tomorrow, I mean today then its DC's fault. Well it's the differentiation problem sheets fault, which he wrote, so it's his fault. I think I jinxed my liking this course. I absolutely hate it and have done so for the past few hours. I hate it. Wow - things change rather quickly in my head.

I had 20 questions to do and still have a few left, but have not the life to attempt them. I am a confused soul. What is the point of understanding proofs of theorems if you can't apply the damn things. I have calmed down significantly (and am off to bed now, but had to send an email first)! The post is due to an email I received... honestly! (I hate differentiation and integration doesn't look much nicer).

Despair, that is what I am feeling. Did I mention that I hate Cauchy? He has a nice little "error to the Taylor series" in case you didn't know. Did I say nice? I meant stinking little error which has two c's in it, rather than the nicer Lagrange's error. GAH. I am liking anything at the moment, and most likely will not wake up in time for the example class tomorrow.

Anyway, although I have given you strong reason to believe that I am capable of doing weird things in my mentally unstable state, rest assured that I am innocent when it comes to the following:

THIEVES have stolen tea bags worth more than £22,000 in a warehouse raid.

The gang struck overnight on Sunday when they cut open the secured gates at a distribution centre in Bankfield Road, Mosley Common, near Atherton.

The thieves kicked off the bottom panel of the door to the warehouse entrance and, once inside, used two forklift trucks to remove 46 pallets of Tetley teabags.

More than 7,000 packets of teabags worth around £22,500 were taken. They loaded the teabags into a truck, closed the main warehouse shutter and secured the metal gates with cling film.

Pc Kal Bhatti said: "We are talking about a huge amount of stolen teabags here and someone must know something about this."

Police believe the thieves must have used a large truck to transport the tea away from the warehouse to be sold on the black market.

Anyone with any information about this incident is asked to contact police on 0161 856 7329 or Crimestoppers, anonymously, on 0800 555 111."

Taken from the Leigh news.

Good night and good morning. Nightmares about Taylor series to follow.

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