Thursday, December 13, 2007

Something right for a change!

In todays algebra lecture I finally said something right! Woohoo. Well actually the story is more embarrassing than a simple "woohoo" (Homer style).

Imagine three people are sat in the room, and they are waiting for the police to come in and question them. Before the police enter, the three decide that none of them know anything and they will all act dumb. So the police then enter and ask for information. Straight away one of the men points to the other and says "he did it". The fool! I mean, he broke the agreement and left the other to hang dry. Something similar happened in todays lecture (although there weren't any police involved and it isn't that big a deal!)

Todays final lecture (*bites tongue*) was pretty interesting and great (I was pleased that PS mentioned yesterdays Galois Group lecture, for it might encourage others to attend too). The question had been about why two groups weren't isomorphic; and so as always I said the first thing that came to mind (normally the first thing is the most dumbest of things too). I always like to tease the lecturers at the front, and so project my voice such that the lecturer is straining to see who said "the dumb thing". This has the advantage that if the answer is truly dumb, I can pretend to look around for who said it too! (Trust me, on a few real analysis lectures and algebra lectures my plan has failed but thankfully the consequences haven't been that bad - I didn't melt or anything).

The person in front of me had turned around grinning, as PS enquired as to who had answered the question. I had just looked back, trying to keep a straight face. PS had heard what I had said, but hadn't know it was me. He looked in our direction and asked who had said what had been said. No one replied and as my plan was becoming successful a grin began forming on my face. But then PS looked at Milo. And Milo, well Milo panicked and rather ostentatiously pointed in my direction! I couldn't believe my eyes! Betrayed by a fellow Tweenie - who would have thought of it. (Nah - it is not that big a deal, but the plan didn't work you see. I normally sit back and grin when the lecturers either look for who said the dumb thing, or if they ask us to repeat it louder). I was made to repeat what I had said, but thankfully my dumb answer was FINALLY the correct one. (Makes a nice change I must say!) [S_3 is not commutative, but the other group had been].

A repeat of last Thursdays tea thing happened, but this time round (because of the plan in my head) I let it be. I know that I can't argue with PS on this matter! I actually remembered what I was meant to ask him, but as I was getting through the build up Dr. E pulled up a chair. He seems to have the impression that I have his book: Men of Mathematics. I don't know what gave him this idea, but I hope he soon realises that he is after the wrong student... (Although I do wonder how a copy of such a book is on my shelf!) We discussed third year modules and even if I fall out with Algebra, I still hope to study Galois Theory. (It is complicated because it is a fourth year module). PS was about to tell me something, but I will just have to bug him about it tomorrow.

Interestingly enough I am now a joint honours student. Namely because of my brilliant and utterly stupid answer on the multiple choice test. "Choose A, B, C or D" My answer: No order but if you do blah .... answer is B." I don't think that I will be forgetting that any time soon (and I was kindly reminded of it today :D). However, since the outcome was positive I can laugh about it. (If indeed I had been given minus 10 as was suggested(!), you wouldn't be hearing another word about it!)

The pressure bubble around me is going to pop soon, and I worry of its consequences. Lectures will be concluding tomorrow, and my plan of having revised stats by tomorrow has safely failed. But worry not. Today I carried home 13 books from the library, each as awful as the next, but hopefully they can fill in the gaps. Unsurprisingly none of them were algebra books, but all stats or pde ones. I think rather than "relaxing and doing some filing" on the weekend (as per usual), I will do that tomorrow. The weekend will signal my holiday of mats revision. It is going to be a struggle, especially the modules I hate, but I am trying to be positive. I haven't been able to do any work this week, for reasons which I can't explain.

Today I was once again asked if everything was OK (at 4pm-ish), and once again the only reply I can muster is that I feel utterly exhausted. Mentally and physically. And me being the dodo I am, hasn't stopped. (Actually, I think at 4pm I was low on energy due to not having eaten since lunch). I haven't stopped to recover, but keep on pushing myself to further extremes - but not the right ones.

I have a friend who studies in the UMIST campus (who I envy for obvious reasons!) Today at 1pm I could be found at the UMIST campus waiting for "this friend" - Ollie. Ollie, the fool, told me the wrong place so he wasn't there when I turned up - huffing and puffing having walked from the AT building. Eventually I met with Ollie, and borrowed his library card. (Well I can't take any more books out on my card because I can't be bothered taking any back). I had to return a book to the Joule library and thought of getting some stats ones (with Ollies card- a non-mathematician). The problem with libraries is that you lose track of time. At 1:38 I rushed out of the library towards the AT building for I had to see my PT (and then go to a lecture at 2pm).

As I was rushing to the AT building at 1:48pm, PS happened to be walking towards our lecture. I told him I would be there in two minutes, as I rushed past him in the wrong direction! I lied. I did make it on time, but not in two minute. Thankfully my PT was in (only just) and so it wasn't a wasted journey. He's a pretty cool personal tutor I must say. (He never tells me to shut up - I just talk and talk, and then after some thought say "oops, you have work to do, see you later!") Today I couldn't talk for long, since apart from being out of breath I had a lecture to get too.

It seems I did a lot of running about today, but I can't sit still. Especially when there are things to be done. I have noticed that many of my recent posts have been rather depressing, and consisting of my complaining about my stupidity of falling behind badly Hopefully you won't be hearing from me for a while (apart from the odd "I'm still alive" comments) but that in itself is a false statement. GAH- if only the silly beavers had given us our exam timetables. There will be an end to this depressing-ness.

On a positive note: A paper plane was thrown at us today, presumbly from the floors above! Quite bizarre for only yesterday we had been discussing paper planes. (I don't know if it was thrown at us, but it landed nearby and I claimed it due to its superior design).

Another final positive thing: next semesters Galois Group lecture slots have been filled up. Three lecturers and four students have all (semi) confirmed, and it seems room booking will hopefully happen in January. I am now in the process of trying to see if I should worry about getting reserves organised for students. Next semesters timetable has yet to be produced, which is why the lecturers can only give me semi-confirmation, but I have a number of volunteers. *SLAP* I should NOT be thinking about the Galois Group any more. NO NO NO. End of positive note. :p What is the Galois Group - I don't know? Tell me more about it next year please!

Here is hoping that my sequence of maneuvers for tomorrow works out. (I have a meeting to attend at 2pm in a room whose whereabouts I don't know off).

PS: Rbt was back today, and Milo and Fizz finally agree with me that Pi is not in the Sky without him. Now to work on Bella...

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