Sunday, December 30, 2007

Something "amusing"?

If I told you that I am in the process of writing an "amusing post" what would be your reaction?

(a) You nit wit - why aren't you revising?!! I don't want to see any silly post - get back to your books.
(a`) We are sorry to inform you, but amusing doesn't register when it comes out of your mouth. Please do not waste your time and indeed ours, and get on with some much needed revision.

(b) Erm... you said the same thing about that LaTeX post and we are still waiting for it. Oh and weren't you meant to post something about... HEY where are you running off too? Beans?! Hey stop!

(c) Amuse us then.
(c') I can't wait to read it - post the damn thing will you! Is it going to be as amusing as this one? Hurry up and finish it will you. This is torture... \hyperbole!

(d) *click on the ugly looking cross in the top right hand corner of your screen*


Yes - I have given up with stats, which explains the lightheadedness! Anyway, as you are musing over which option to choose (do enlighten me) I will say that I stopped typing it because I got confused between third person and first person. After some sleep I will re-attack it.

Also feel free to add an option! (a' and c' can be taken to equal to a and c respectively!)

If that hasn't amused you, then why not have a bash at:

\int \sqrt{ \tan x} \;dx.

(If you want to post the answer then please don't! I am still struggling with that ugly thing, and am being very stubborn about it. Although if you manage to solve it, you can celebrate your success here. I am not that much of a scrooge person)!

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