Monday, December 31, 2007

A review of 2007

As seen in Michi's Blog, from each month, the first sentence of the first post. However as you will see, my "blog review" will be shorter (hence why I have linked the first post of the month too)!

The list doesn't exactly inspire one to stay tuned in does it?! Tonight I cannee be bothered linking any particular post, so I will save this for "the new year".

Whether you take my word for it or not, these past few days I have been a bean of a few words. Hence why I haven't really felt like blogging, and so without further ad (to those who care) "Happy New Year". Although to me it seems like another day, you don't want to be crying tomorrow. Or is it only my mother who used to warn me not to cry on New Year's day, otherwise I will be crying for the rest of the year! Anyway, see y'all tomorrow.

I spent a while trying to make this a 'cool' first post, however I've miserably failed.


Without a doubt, so far from my experiences at the University of Manchester, the only lectures so far that I've looked forward to have to be Dr Coleman's lectures.


Shockingly it's March today and, well that's not a good thing!

Some neat 'alliteration' to get this post started.

Firstly I must comment on what difference a good nights sleep does for a person, or for a bean.

I first want to link this post, due to which I am writing this.

Yes, I am indeed alive and that wave was with my right hand!

So, the time has come when a decision has to be made.

I ate some humble pie today and got some egg in the face!

Before I continue or should I say before I start, I want to say one thing.


Yes I had received the email. ...

Whilst googling for pictures (for my first ever lecture), I came across something rather marvelous and... cool!

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