Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Public apology to the (stinking) new building!

Some time ago I mentioned my "big-near fall" in the new maths building (the second one). The first is unimportant, namely because that didn't effect me. However, as I sit here in pain - my back not liking me - I realise why my back is indeed crying in pain.

My momentum was such that when I skidded, I was going to topple over. However, my body twisted in the process; trying to prevent me from falling. So my legs were sliding in one direction, and my upper body was moving in the other. That twist, so to speak, has caused my back to die. As a kid (well a couple of years ago) I had gone to the Doctor about my back. He made me believe that I was being silly and it was all in my head. Consequently, my back pains became my own. I am responsible for them (to some extent) for I don't know why I always feel a need to challenge myself (physically on most occasions). I always pushed myself to be able to "walk home in 10 minutes" etc.

However, this year my bag has honestly weighed less than 5kg on most occasions. I no longer bring "all my notes"; actually I don't bring previous notes at all nowadays! Sigh. Since Friday I haven't been in a good condition. Everyone keeps on telling me "don't sleep on the floor then", but that statement is ridiculous! (Or so I hope!) I have been sleeping on the floor for A YEAR NOW. That can't possibly have contributed to how my back has been playing up for the past few days... or can it? My mum (who unfortunately saw me as I disguised my condition!) is insisting upon the Doctor again, and that I get my back scanned. Call it deja vu, but she said that my dad did the same as I am doing: disguising the situation!

But me, I think it will mend soon. I just need to take it easy! The worst thing possible which resulted from this is that I can't walk as fast as I do! I was being overtaken left, right and center -- most humiliating! (I gave the people overtaking me a sad look indeed...)

So back to my apology! The maths building is the worlds most bestest building in the world. (I was told that "more nicer, or most bestest" don't make sense, but who cares!) I am sorry for calling it an airport terminal and sorry for any other "nasty" comments that I have made.

This apology is a result of the numerous injuries the building has successfully given me. Actually it was because of the final injury! I was about to push a door open, but somehow due to another person, my thumb bent unnaturally backwards and I grazed my knuckles against the side. No-- as I told Fizz, I haven't punched no person...

I was told that picking a glove up is lucky. Maybe I misheard and picking a glove up is unlucky!

Now I will make a diplomatic comment about the building. There are no empty classrooms available and the quiet STUDY room and group WORK room are being used! HUMBUG. It is annoying ... where the heck am I supposed to work??

For any reader who has been on the ball, you might have realised that I haven't been mentioning any annoying maths questions that have been bugging me! Any guesses as to why that might be? I will tell you why: no questions exist because I haven't been doing any questions!! I have been in a slight panic for some time now due to how much work I have not done and how much needs doing.

This is my small evaluation on what needs to be done:

EVERYTHING! Ahhhhhhhhhhhh. Actually I predict this is going to be my worst ever result in the history of my life. So much for being positive right.

I understand separation of variables (just about), but the numerical analysis bit is killing me. However, my PT being the applied mathematician that he is, has thrown me a life line. My intention is to only look at PDEs in the holidays, and so during the holidays any problems that I have might find themselves in an email to my PT (personal tutor). Phew. But still, this module stinks and will be my second worst result.

Vector calc.
I understand Fourier analysis now (but need to revise and memorise things of course). Solving first order PDEs .... say what? Well I know that you transform them into ODEs but need to really understand the concepts. And vector calculus might be nice after all... especially if I dig last years notes out. So hopefully this shouldn't be as bad.

Complex Analysis.
Yawn.... ha! Only kidding (if my lecturer is reading this!) I find the course very uninteresting, for reasons which I can't seem to explain. "And, so why?" are but a few questions I am asking. I don't know -- the motivation of the course and probably its importance and link to other maths doesn't seem clear to me. I can't place it on my maths tree. (I had this problem with sequences and series, until DC explained its motivation last year). I haven't done anything since we started integration, so basically the most important sections! I can't find the motivation to actually read my notes and about complex analysis.

Algebraic structures
One of my favourite courses this year (namely due to the lecturer), but once again I have lost the thread since reading week. The lectures are fascinating but I just need to get my act together, understand my notes and do the problem sheets MYSELF. And I am still undecided whether rings are worse than groups! Because of my dodgy knowledge of the course, when we talked about units in the last lecture, I nearly shouted out 4. (2x3=6=0mod6) I had done (2+4), and upon reading my notes, realised its all to do with multiplication! Come on me - I can do this without going crazy!

Real Analysis
One of the hardest courses this year, but my most favourite (namely due to the lecturer too!) I honestly find the lectures great, and the course material very difficult BUT interesting! If it wasn't for this course (and algebra) I would have already gone crazy. I am really behind in this course as well (why is that no a surprise), but I can't explain how much I enjoy studying the material in this course. This is what I love doing, but I do wish that I wasn't dumb on some occasions. But that being said, you have to be dumb, to become "undumb". (Don't tell me otherwise.)

There ends my rather rapid evaluation as I wait for a room to empty. Today I have to do ALL the differentiation sheet (which is impossible), before tomorrows example class. I wonder to myself about why DC and PS don't teach a second semester module... for second years!

My favourite phrase has to be (as Dr. Coleman pointed it out to me): "I have a question"! (And then he goes on to say "Another question.") Well I have been having many dumb moments today, but thanks to the example class this morning I have had equally many "aha- wow- cool - I was so dumb! How did I not see that!" moments as well. Now we need to tilt the balance to the "aha" cool moments, and so I better get back to the differentiation.

Sorry new building... please be my friend... I have sweets! (Just don't bloody kill me!)

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