Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Monster Maths!

The Galois Groups final lecture for this semester is tomorrow! Spare the tears for now, because all being well the next one is in February sometime. (I am just getting some confirmations, before room booking commences).

The lecture will be given by Dr. Louise Walker at 1:10pm in Room G209 (see below for the abstract).

Please do attend! I have a feeling because it is the last week of term, not many people will turn up. Show your support for the speaker and surprise me (pretty please!)... For those who do attend, please do remember that refreshments are available. I don't mind eating everything myself, but one of the aims of the group is to encourage interaction between the mathematical community. This tends to happen after the lectures during refreshments. You don't have to drink tea or coffee, but who can deny themselves a jaffa cake?!!

So once again, please do come to what promises to be a great lecture about Monster Maths! Free refreshments available as always and you can always volunteer to do a lecture yourself. (PS: Apart from the introductions being slightly off cue, I am sure it will be another great Wednesday. At least 50 people is what I am aiming for - I want some consistency!)

Wednesday 12th December 2007
Alan Turing Building Room G209

Dr. Louise Walker -- Monster Maths!

Groups are algebraic structures that can be used to study symmetry and many other important concepts in mathematics.

Just as prime numbers are the building blocks of the natural numbers, finite groups can be constructed from special objects called simple groups.

This talk will explain what is meant by groups and simple groups and describe the fascinating quest to find all finite simple groups, including the Monster group!

G209 - 1:10pm. Be there or be $\blacksquare$!

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