Thursday, December 06, 2007

A message to the vandal

Someone has just declared war against me -- they have vandalised my posters! How very dare they...

Actually I don't really care that much, for maybe to a small degree, this indicates that at least someone actually reads them! What I care about is the unfortunate scribble underneath the word "Maths":

"Sux! Phisics Rules."

I am not the best speller in the world, but even I know that Phisics has a y in it. (That says Physics in case you were wondering!) But, being the (wannabe) mathematician I am, I can at least spell Mathematics or ever Maths. Blimey -- shocking isn't it? Some would say that they have already lost the war, but if they dare "edit" further posters, they should take care and spell the word correctly. What kind of impression is that giving about University students!!

So my reply, which I even took the time to annotate on the poster was:

"Note to whoever wrote this: please at least spell the word correctly!"

Disgraceful behaviour from the Physicists. They have to sink this low and use such tactics to further prove that maths is superior! Muhahahaha. LOSERS.

(Erm... this is really a message to the vandals. I know that there exists at least one physicist who can spell properly. ;) )

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