Thursday, December 13, 2007

An Interview with Professor David Abrahams

An interview of Professor Abrahams (University of Manchester) can be found on the The Institute of Mathematics and its Applications (IMA) website here.

A quote from that extract:

"I said at the beginning of this interview that I believe that most people are roughly equal in intellect, and if we are motivated and want something badly enough then we can achieve our objectives."

The worlds greatest applied mathematics supervisor! He was brilliant and with my cool lecturers from last year, he contributed a lot to the change in my attitude towards applied maths.

I have only read half of the interview (was reading it on my journey home!) but it really does serve as another source of inspiration. A great article indeed. Honestly, I can't describe how brilliantly cool he is. His supervisions were awesome and I always never wanted them to end.

It is a shame that he is not teaching fluid dynamics next year, for he was the reason that I was actually considering doing that module! He has a brilliant style of teaching, and he was always encouraging and guiding us along. He is one cool dude. This could be called a mini-tribute, but I am honestly lost for words!

So using the search functions, some extracts from previous posts:

"My calculus supervision was good as well. I really like my supervisor. He's them type of people that no matter how stupid your question is, you'll ask him. (although I didn't get him to check whether my proof was correct because I thought it was stupid!) But if he's doing a question on the board, he's 'got the power'. I do tend talk to myself a lot during his supervisions, but I think he's got used to that by now!"

"Moving on, may I restate that my Calculus supervisor is cool!"

"Before I go any further, a big thank you must be said to my calculus supervisor for this semester. In our last ever supervision we had gone through the past paper questions, and like I mentioned he'd helped me devise a strategy for this exam."

"My supervisor is a genius. Full stop. "

Any one else want to add anything? I can't believe he's not teaching this year!

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