Monday, December 17, 2007

Exam timetable - the dream!

Mon 14th Jan - STATS!
Fri 18th Jan - Algebra
Mon 21st Jan- Real & Complex Analysis
Fri 25th Jan - PDEs and Vector Calc.

I looked up the dates just now, but the first exam was Stats on the first Monday, and PDEs on the last Friday! How convenient that there was a nice gap between each exam, and the exams were situated on the extreme days of the week.

The weird thing is that in my dream as I was accessing my student net, someone walked through the door. (Someone I know of course). As I woke up this morning and checked student net, I heard the doorbell. Bizarrely the person at the door was the person who I had just seen in my dream!!! I was most shocked to hear his voice, and before anyone says I was still dreaming, I have just got confirmation that it was indeed him. I don't mind the exam timetable from my dream if any one is wondering...

Sigh. Well I should be getting the real version this afternoon. I can't seem to revise until I have the timetable, and so I am taking my sweet time locating and sorting my notes!

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