Thursday, December 20, 2007

Exam timetable - the actual one.

The actual exam timetable is as follows:
You might need to click on that to enlarge. Note to any Maths students on my course: do NOT assume that your room location is the same as mine. I have noticed that a number of exams are spread over different rooms. (Although you would be correct to assume that the date and time are the same!) Please check your student portal for your individual timetable, which will have your seat number too.

We received this table on Tuesday, much to my annoyance. However let us now compare and contrast the actual timetable, to my dream one!

Once again my dream one was:

Mon 14th Jan - STATS!
Fri 18th Jan - Algebra
Mon 21st Jan- Real & Complex Analysis
Fri 25th Jan - PDEs and Vector Calc.

And the real one can be written as:

17th Jan -PDE and Vector Calc
21st Jan - Algebraic Structures 1
22nd Jan - Real and Complex analysis
24th Jan- Probability and Statistics 2

It is quite bizarre how the order is similar! And hey, I "dreamt" that we had an exam on the 21st. It is not the worst of timetables (apart from the second week!) but what has been worser is my non-existent revision. It saddens me to say that, for by now I should have been steam rolling through stats. Maybe I needed to take a few days off, but how many times do I have to say that before it loses effect? The cogs are not in the right position and much energy is required to push them into place. Tomorrow I mean today is another wasted day, but Friday will be the start of an intense period. Whoops did I just say something ridiculous again? Let us just wait and see what happens. I have no one else but myself (and the rest of the world!) to blame when I mess up next month.

I was meant to do stats today but multiple integration popped up, so I went for a long break which lasted throughout the whole day. I hate them and what's worse is that triple integrals pop up in vector calculus! What joy. (I am revising that in the week before that exam, and hoping to start with stats). Why do I not seem to care as much anymore? I care about doing badly, but something is wrong with my attitude.

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