Sunday, December 16, 2007

Did I say I was hungry?

My weekends are becoming very predictable. I drink lots of tea and don't eat much, and then stay awake till some absurd time. The bonus is (if all goes to plan), that I will not be woken up at some random early time. Yep, I am planning sleeping past midday. That isn't what I normally tend to do, but the idea is to get 7+hours of sleep and prepare myself for Monday. This is not a holiday for me, for this semester has been enough of a holiday in itself. Now it is crunch time, and I have to iron out the creases in my attitude.

I realise that I have gone on a lot about what I haven't been doing this semester, which has been rather silly. I haven't done certain things because I was doing other things! It's not like I did nothing... So tomorrow, maybe to brighten the mood around here I will talk about what I have accomplished this semester. Actually I mean, sometime after I have woken up today! Because of the silly issue I had during the year (of being "identified") I didn't mention certain things. But why spoil the surprise now, they will be mentioned in during the day.

A couple of hours ago, after yet another cup of tea, I decided to play Need for Speed. I think the best game of that series had to be Most Wanted. The police pursuits had been brilliant!! This one is rather... well, it doesn't have the feel of being a racing game. I enjoy playing games but games like this (tedious, one could say) are finished for completeness. I can't not finish it.

So as I was playing, my stomach was rumbling in the usual manner. Today though seemed to be a rare lucky day for me. Beautiful isn't it?
Well there were three of us, and none of us could separate the damn thing. (I confess to actually not wanting to disturb the shape!) Eventually, with some perseverance it was separated and we split it evenly into three. (I actually got more, because Agnes got sick after eating a few pieces and they then went into my stomach). Because it had been ages since I have posted some images, (due to the silly camera needing a different USB wire), in my excitement at seeing food I took a few photos.
You would think that I had never seen food in my life! My laziness (one could say) is going to prove disastrous one day. I normally never stop eating, so since I am full of excuses today (and most days!) I will blame everything on exam stress. That makes me feel much better, for it means that this is a temporary thing and soon I will return to my saturated self. (Well actually one reason why I am always eating is because this saturation isn't a very easy thing to obtain in my case.)

Looking at them pictures makes me feel hungry all over again, and reminds me of my dentist appointment on Tuesday (which might need postponing). By the way, no one had previously (i.e. last year!) answered my question about which word in maths contains a word related to dentists. To those who have still been thinking about this horrible word, you have 24 hours! I think 6 odd months has been enough, don't you agree?

I have been trying to organise my files (before revision commences) and my notes are in a sad state indeed. I am going to have a proper room clean tomorrow (damn- today!) to find the stray ones. That means I am not panicking just yet. (Hopefully I can get Milo to scan me the ones I can't locate).

My notes show a certain biasedness towards my most liked lectures. I have rough paper and nice paper. The rough one is for the example sheets and the nice one for my cool notes. For my numerical analysis lectures I have been using the rough paper - muhahaha. That is my way of getting back at numerical analysis. And even better, I have used my dodgy pen when writing the notes and not annotated using pencil. I write my notes so that I never have to copy them up again, but on this occasion these notes look like rough scribblings of a madman! And no, I am not going to copy them in neat (after locating two of them that is!)

I have been very badly behaved, and since I have found the camera phone I will try to take a picture of a particular numerical analysis' lecture notes! Steve won't be too happy though... I forgot the begin\{array} command again! Surprisingly my stats notes have been written on nice paper and using the nice pen. Maybe I felt that was the only way I could resist crunching them up and damaging them? Actually the stats notes (that I have located!) are fairly structured - I just can't understand them though. (No surprises there).

It is so much easier to post when one doesn't have the stress of "I shouldn't be sat here." And it is even easier when one should be sleeping!! 5pm + 7 looks OK, but 5 +9 would be even nicer. How time flies. I guess it is about time I hit the sack. (I am in a buzz light year mood: too infinity and beyond.)

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