Saturday, December 15, 2007

Damn Student net!

We were meant to get our exam timetables on Friday, and now they tell us that we will be getting them on Monday. On Monday it will be Tuesday and Tuesday it will be Wednesday (and so on). Maybe they might forget to give us the timetables and we will be excused from sitting any exams?

This is most annoying because an exam timetable allows one to structure their revision. Or at least start their revision!! I am hoping like mental that the stats exam is right at the end after a weeks gap (like last year). My gut though, is telling me that the first exam will be the stats one... eugh. The stats books in my room are making me feel queasy. [On the topic of timetables, we got our provisional timetable for the second semester. Never mind three hours in a row, I will be having four hours in a row on Thursdays and then another hour after a break! I hope that gets changed, but I don't mind the no 9am start on a Monday (I can accept it on a Thursday and Friday though).]

A random thing: digestion amazingly starts when one sees food and their mouth waters. During this process, in the saliva enzymes are secreted. Isn't that just fantastic? And food travels down your oesophagus in 5 seconds! Then in the stomach gastric juices get to work on it and churn your food into something called chyme (I think). Because of stomach acids being very acidic(!), your stomach has to produce layers of mucus to protect it. Then the rest happens- (small intestine, absorption, large intestine etc.)

Isn't that just amazingly amazing? I wonder, should I do the module called maths in biology (or something like that)? I honestly have a fascination with the way the human body works, and confess to watching a programme about it the other week. Gruesome programme was how others termed it, but they were just squeamish when they were showing the vocal cords. It is basically a string! So when people talk or sing, muscles in the back of their mouths control the "plucking" of this string (like a guitar string). Before I go on about the lungs, brain nose etc I will shut up. (But if anyone wants to know about the ears do let me know...please!)

I think I mentioned the stomach (rather randomly) because I am hungry. What can I say, the post before was exhausting! (I can't help myself: the stomach is the size of a fist, and can expand rather remarkably but for that it needs food!) Damn me now too - forget Biology and concentrate on maths fool. (talking to myself again).

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