Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Absent mindedness and mathematicians.

First here's hoping that PS managed to get home last night!

I am awake at this time due to .... Real Analysis. Surprise surprise (not!) I gave up on the stats after two pages, and have decided to go to the library tomorrow with an empty bag. Anyway, the point is that I should be asleep now (or trying to sleep) but I had to post this.

PS is a brilliant lecturer. *black square* His lectures always have an atmosphere, (which I can't really explain at the moment); but he generates this atmosphere. In todays lecture we were doing isomorphisms (in want of writing something mathematical), when PS told us something. Hmm, whether or not to share this secret, I don't know! (Haha)

OK fine, I won't call it a secret... but you didn't hear this from me! Unfortunately I don't think anyone can quite say this like PS, so apologies before hand. PS had gone to Cambridge on the weekend (and bought bread - not that he went to Cambridge just for the bread! Although the person next to me did ask me that question.) Obviously he has to come "up North" again, for we are eagerly waiting for his lecture. Now from the many keys on PS's key ring, two are of importance to us. They were both keys to houses - one being his house key. Before he left his house today, he decided to take the key which wasn't his house key of the key ring and leave it home. I mean it looked very heavy when he showed it to us, so one can understand the reasoning there! So he took this key off and slammed the door shut, on his way out. Doh!

If you were on the ball, you might have wondered about how he managed to show us the key when he had decided to leave it at home! You might have further formed the conclusion that PS had taken the wrong key of his key ring, and in fact left his house keys inside his house! :D

Indeed this is unfortunate, and hence why I hoped that PS managed to return to the comfort of his home. How many times have you locked yourself out? (I recall our whole family getting locked out once, and my dad somehow leaving his car keys inside the car too!)

Now I am not laughing at this, for Sod's law dictates that if I am to laugh then I better watch my back! But on Thursday PS had told me a story about an absent minded lecturer. Imagine the real line. The lecturer used to walk home in the positive direction, and then during his walk home he wanted to light a cigarette (to smoke!) However, because of the wind blowing in his face, the lecturer used to turn around (and face the negative direction) and then light his cigarette. After which he continued walking in the direction he was facing, to his "house"!

Indeed I had laughed at this story and mentioned how I like this idea of mathematicians being absent minded, and random (at times). Well being different (my favourite excuse for being me).* So today as PS told us about how he locked himself out, my thoughts were on the story from last Thursday, hence why I probably laughed the hardest. [I better watch out now, but thankfully I am not allowed having keys for the house. It's annoying at times when I am found sat in the garden waiting for someone to come home, but there is a good reason for this!]

So, does anyone else have any incidents (no matter how embarrassing) that they would like to share? Nothing can get worse than turning around and walking/slamming into a door! Hey - I didn't say that happened to me today... well it was because of Paul's fault (and my severe tiredness and because it was Monday!)

I will write more about this some other time (for there is much more to write!) but one door in the face was enough. A Russian proverb goes something along the lines that if you talk/discuss something then it happens. (But let me get that checked again for you). How true is that? Well if we are using proof by example and so that proverb is true, then here goes nothing: I will revise stats by Friday! Maybe we have found ourselves a counter example too. OK I will shut up with this mathematical nonsense, and retire to my sleep.

[My fortnightly Galois Group post will be up tomorrow, but the lecture is TOMORROW at 1:10pm in Alan Turing G209. PLEASE PLEASE, come along!]

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