Thursday, November 08, 2007

"You have blackboards?!"

"You don't have blackboards?!"

That was the conversation I had a few minutes ago with someone I know from the pharmacy department. I was talking about ... maths obviously(!) and then we happened to discuss lectures. I probably said something along the lines that we copy notes from the blackboard, to which my friend loudly exclaimed "Blackboards?"

I actually am aware that most departments don't have blackboards, but hey, there was nothing wrong with me acting totally surprised when I was told that they only use PowerPoint. presentations.

That would be my worst nightmare. My attention span is such that during all slide, I would at least once zone out. Compare that to the once or twice zoning out which currently happens!

Anyway, the post is to let everyone know that I am AWAKE! I actually woke up at 4:30am but didn't manage to post. Complex analysis is still vexing me out (partially), and well algebra is making my scratch the inside of my brain.

The key word is abstract. I stupidly can't let go of the idea of working in \mathbb{R}. I relate everything to the real numbers and then go oops.

Ah well - I have skimmed through the proofs, but hopefully they won't be asked for! What remains to be done is the problem sheets, and the test of course. I don't like complex analysis that much anymore. I have a problem (amongst many!) with the concept of simplified notation. Initially anyway, but still I prefer as much detail as possible, until am ready to start dropping certain details. Then the problem becomes of remembering to write the dropped notation in the exam!

I don't like complex analysis because I feel it is not rigorous enough (the reason I love real analysis!) I know we have yet to do the fun bit, but my understanding is very ... 'vulnerable'.

Anyway - a 9am damn PDE lecture calls.

I wish for quite a few things today. Firstly that I make it on time to the lecture (I have 5 mins to get there). Secondly that I stay awake and don't go into my sleep zone. Third thing that I understand lim sup before the test and the test goes OK. Oh and that I manage to do all problem sheets for algebra and that test is OK as well. Finally that I get myself out of the lecture theatre as soon as possible. I have stupidly got a commitment at 4pm! I am annoyed because I liked my normal Thursday routine after the lecture!

Three minutes ...

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