Saturday, November 10, 2007

Two brilliant lecturers in one lecture theatre

On Friday at 12pm (ish), two great lecturers (PS & DC) were found in the same lecture theatre. I mused at this, and wondered how great a joint lecture from the two would be like! (I don't think there is such a concept as a joint lecture, but without a doubt it would be great.) The two most brilliant story tellers in one place - perfect.

This is 0.25 of my post, because I forgot to write it yesterday. If you are wondering how such a fantastic thing happened, then it was a mere coincidence. DC was walking out of the lecture theatre as we were walking in for our lecture. If we're lucky(!) the same thing might happen next Friday....

I really am not looking forward to the next semester at times. But still I hope to see them around for an occasional chat about something or other! Namely, the *cough* business... Sigh.


Jake said...

"I really am not looking forward to the next semester at times."

I definately am. Don't get me wrong; we have great lecturers and I really like Real & Complex Analysis and Algebra but PDE and Probability & Stats make small children cry. At least the numerical analysis part of PDE should be a bit more interesting; more to do with analysis then just a group of techniques for solving equations.

Беанс said...

I know what you mean about stats and PDEs; I have yet to open the damn file! (I have been playing around with the analysis proofs!)

But in the thick of it I think I can stand two evil modules, given the fact that we have two awesome lecturers for the other two modules. I need inspirational lecturers you see... hence why I would rather the semester not end. I say this because I really do love attending my lectures. Wait for it.... they are FUN! (Well DC's and PS's lectures tend to be).

Yes, a third year student also told me that the numerical analysis part will be more "fun". I dare not get too excited though! The separation of variables technique in our notes is making me cry too!!