Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Lonely me!

This is a quick post because I will be otherwise occupied soon!
I feel a disheartening sense of loneliness at the moment in my ventures. I really want someone else to see what I see. To feel how I feel and share my vision! I know that mathematically, the only way someone can see what I see is if they are me, which is not possible for I am "unique"! (Pfft)

It is just that I have been running around like crazy trying to put the jigsaw together. The Tweenies really can't care less and don't give a damn if I am being blunt. I am really nervous at the moment, and although DC told me not to be, I can't relax. I want someone on my team - someone who cares about these lectures and the community. Sigh.

Do I want people to attend because of this face that I pull:

or because they are genuinely interested? I think initially I have to pull such a face, but henceforth I want people there for the maths.

I am not going to get knocked down at this stage; that would be just silly! It is just that it is 12:20 and I have no one to get excited with, apart from anyone reading this blog. I am excited and over the moon. When you score one for the team, the excitement is obvious. But there is no team. Hence the lonely me who wants to share this excitement.

Sigh again. Fingers crossed that everything runs smoothly. :/

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