Thursday, November 22, 2007

Hating Cauchy by association

This has happened once before in college: the culprit then being Euler. I used to hate his method or formula to solve differential equations (namely because I probably didn't understand it). I also had a hard time getting to grips with complex numbers and his name had popped up there as well. The perfect scene for this hating to begin.

However, last year I made my peace with Euler after reading more about his life. I forgave him for his formula, and let bygones be bygones.

Now it's Cauchy's turn. "Cauchy's estimation lemma", "Cauchy's integral formula", his theorem for a star domain, triangular domain and million more! His name even popped up in real analysis on Thursday, (after Rolle's theorem) giving me quite a shock indeed.

Today the lecturer even semi-apologised for this (and appeared exasperated by having to write Cauchy's name everywhere). Actually that might have just been my imagination...

I don't want to hate the guy! I don't even know him. I mean, he sounds like a cool character, but his theorems are giving me a head ache.

I read somewhere that he fled France around the time King Charles did. Why did he leave? How many mathematicians work has he .... STOLEN so that he was forced to flee? (Don't shoot the messenger, but ... fine I am just bitter and want to make a villain out of him*). I mean I wouldn't mind writing


Jake said...

"PS is cool, so I think it is about time I stopped trying to persuade him to drink tea instead of coffee at university!"

If I had to perform a lecture in front of those 200 odd students, I'd probably want something even stronger than coffee...

Беанс said...

Lol.I don't think either are required, but a lot of adrenaline never harms anyone (which needs some nerves!)

He drinks tea for breakfast which is enough for me. :D