Wednesday, November 14, 2007

A fantastic lecture!

EDIT: I am of course talking about the lecture by Dr. Colin Steele on Life in a two-dimensional universe, which happened today at 1:10pm in the Alan Turing building room G205.

Well firstly I hope you are glad to hear that I am alive! Secondly, I must sort of apologise to my friends for being a jerk. Milo did manage to come, and so Milo and Bella saved me from being in two places at once; hence allowing me to be slightly more relaxed! I did for a second think that both might not come, but it is a relief that they did attend. I know for a fact that everything would have gone pear shape otherwise.

Thirdly: if you weren't there then shame on you* - you missed out on a fantastic lecture, and the refreshments at the end! *(apart from the people who said they couldn't make it of course).

Do I go to a 'fourthly' or do I first steady my shaking hand? For those who did see me today, running around like a mad man, then I have yet to calm down. My post at 12:20 was the bout of nerves that had attacked me, and they did get much worse for a short period. Straight after my post I had to get this key. They key wasn't there and off I went into another panic. However I was given a name, and rather than using more labels like MS (which are confusing me now!) I will call this person Simon. Simon had the key and was busy with something else. I decided to be a bug and hung around until he was free. We discussed the possession of this key and it was decided that Simon would keep the key for I wasn't 'technically' allowed it.

I needed the key at that moment in time, so Simon decided to help me shift the stuff to this room. As we went to get the stuff from DC, he remarked, "I don't know how you get people to do things "A mathematician is a device for turning coffee into theorems." and about the corollary about tea.

However, who needs coffee or tea for that matter? I don't (well not always).

This is a cyclic business now. The process will continue and already I have to think ahead about week 10. I might give that one a miss though. ;)

To conclude (finally). The greatest happiness has to be that atmosphere which was a result of the turnout. So once again, three cheers to everyone who came, even if it was because of the face I tried pulling in my previous post! The other thing which made everything taste nice, was the fact that the lecture was real and no longer a figment of my imagination. I have yet to calm down, however I really most bring the focus to my studies now. I am not going to complain about that in this pleasant post, but my heart is twitching due to the two tests on Friday.

Here is to many more lectures by TGG \{the ones in week 10!}.

PS: If I have NOT mentioned anything, then please let me know. I will try to edit this post after some sleep anyway.


Jake said...

Well done for yesterday. Glad it all came together so well and look forward to the future talks.

Беанс said...

Thanks, and thank you for attending and lending a hand. :p (That phrase sounds peculiar!)

I hope the future ones turn out nicely too; but I know that I will only be calm about affairs, once week 10 is done with!